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PostPosted: Tue Nov 27, '07, 4:56 pm 
The past few seconds went by in a blur, even with the Sa Ner tech affecting her. Rose could make out Ryn's feral bellow, followed by himself being drenched in purple and red blood as he tore one of the thug's arms out at the shoulder. Shina had torn open another thug's belly, the entrails and organs starting to spill from the wounds as he collapsed.

As for her Palman companions, Trey has backed over to the girl, frightened by something- she couldn't tell what. And the new man was helping her flank the last man standing. She lunged at the last thug, trying to bring him down quickly.

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 27, '07, 6:39 pm 
"What.. what was that." Trey said as he continued looking at his hands, his body shaking. He was terrified more than ever, not knowing what had happened, it all seemed like a huge blur. The girl crawled over to Trey, looking down to her he noticed she was trying to wrap him and her in the cloak, so they wouldn't be attacked. "I'm.. I'm sorry, nothing is making sence right now." Trey said to the girl. Just then a image of his past flashed.

"Big brother.. Thank you." A little girl said. Trey and the little girl were standing on a large hill, the wind blowing his cloak as the girl hid underneath being protected. "Thats right.. I got to stop being afraid. If I'm going to find any answers about my past, then I must face the unknown head on!" Trey said as he stood. He looked at the little girl, advising her to stay hidden for the time being. "Don't worry, you're big brother Trey is here.. I'll protect you." He said to the little girl, claiming he would protect her like a brother would, even though he was not her brother. The girls eyes widened, she smiled and cloaked herself, hiding behind the cans once again.

The effects of the Na Sar skill could be felt through his body, he thoght all his comrades were feeling it as well so he was at ease a bit. Overhead a large monsterfly could be seen continually attacking Ryn in the distance. The motavian couldn't get anywhere with it attacking him, so Trey lept into action. "Alright, Ryn! This is you're one chance, don't blow it!" Trey yelled as he charged towards the Ryn and the monsterfly.. Lunging his slasher with great strength. The slasher flew quickly, landing a quick blow slicing the monsterfly in half. The slasher Trey had been calling (Gaia) returned to his hand. "Alright, its all you now." Trey said as he nodded to Ryn.

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 28, '07, 2:46 am 
Sane watched as some thugs flew all over the place. He gave a smile as he noticed the people who joined him were quite powerful. The one thug who stood above him scowled as he watched his companions fall. Sane kicked him in the groin with quite some strength. HE got up and observed the battle around him. A thug flew over his head and Sane snatched the knife from the thugs belt. HE tossed it over at another striking him in the leg. Sane observed once more. There was one left and two biomonsters. Sane sighed and raised his arm, he closed his eyes and used a technique he hadn't used in years, "Zan!" The thugs and biomonsters were thrown up into the air. The Monsterflys came charging at the attacker as the thugs fell on the ground.

Sane glanced over at his current allies. One of them seemed a bit dazed. And then he saw him. "Could it be? Tr-" Sane was pummeled over by a monsterfly. The fly was about to feast upon Sane until he managed to get his hand free and aim it directly at the head. "FOI!" The monsterfly flew off and almost seemed to implode in mid air. Sane started to feel a bit weak. He felt like he was going to faint from exhaustion, but he had to find out. His vision blurred as he slipt into darkness.

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 28, '07, 5:25 am 
A feral cry escaped the enraged motavians beak. Trey had given him the oportunity that he had needed. Gotta remember to thank him for this one...
The motavians eyes flashed red for a brief moment as his anger overtook him once again. As usual, His anger slowed his movements and reduced his ability to think rationaly, but it also granted him strength by focusing on his hate for the evil before him. His fist met with the thorax of another monsterfly, spewing green goo onto the motavians sandy fur.
Ryn struck at another monsterfly, but missed. That's when it occured to him..
Brose was cast, expanding the body mass of all foes in an eighty meter radius. With a larger target to hit, Ryn knew his chances of landing hits would be greater. Just as he flipped a titanium push dagger, or "assasains blade" as it was infamously named in Tonoe, from his wristband, he noticed the arrival of another figure. It was clearly parman, but was it freindly? No matter. Focus damnit! The motavians fist smashed into a monsterfly, the push dagger clipping the insects wing. It was a matter of seconds before the dissoriented bug was sent spiraling to the ground.
Ryn chambered his massive arm, took quick aim, and launched the dagger into the monsterflys abdomen, halting its life.
Not bothering to remove his dagger from the bugs eye, Ryn proceeded to Shina while unholstering his deafeat-axe.
"Shina!" Was all he could get out. Having lost most ratoinal thought, Ryn couldn't speak Palmanian nearly as fluently as he would if he hadn't been so angry. Come to think of it, why was he so wraught with rage? He had dealt with highwaymen on various occasions and felled them without losing his temper. Why was this any diffrent? He would have thought further on the matter, but it would have hurt his brain to do so. All he could focus on was defeating the enemies around him.
PAIN!! Stabbing pain!
Ryn spun on his heel and swung wildly. Be it luck or skill, the massive head of his axe met with core of an infant worm.
Wait... infant worm?
There was somthing important... somthing bad about infant worms. What was it?
That's when it hit him. A look of absolute horror struck his face when he remembered it.
Sure enough, the ground beneath him began to shake violantly.
A look of panic overtook his savage features. Even in this primal state of mind, he was able to bellow the warning. "SANDWORMS!!!"

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 29, '07, 5:37 am 
"'Sandworms!?'" Rose repeated, the relief that was the end of combat suddenly disappearing with Ryn's shouted warning. No. There can't be a sandworm in the middle of Aiedo. Monsters usually stay away from civilized areas, she thought. Then again, that Monsterfly didn't exactly listen to traditional wisdom...

The ground began shaking violently, nearly sending Rose off her feet. Recovering with a tumble, she shouted, "What?! What!?". Just at that moment, a gargantuan brown tube of a sandworm burst from the dry soil, shrieking in rage as it regarded its now deceased offspring.

Eyes widening in shock, the color drained from Rose's face as she stared at the worm, flatly saying, "What."

The worm bellowed again, sending chunks of saliva, excretions, and other assorted offal towards the group.

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 30, '07, 5:49 am 
SAne felt the ground shaking in his blackness. What was going on? He tried to open his eyes and he realized he was moving upwards. He forced his eyes open all the way and rolled his head from one side to the other. His sword was still in his hand. He looked at the his surroundings and realised a sandworm had surfaced beneath him. He was now riding a Sandworm. Sane forced his head into the direction of which the sandworm was facing. He saw a small group of people preparing themselves.

He had to do something. But what? He couldn't move. It was as if he had been paralyzed. Was it perhaps the fact that he was under the influence of paralysis? Sane struggled to try to sit up and stab the worm.

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 30, '07, 7:30 am 
The earth was moving, how most peculiar, Shina thought to herself up until a giant worm appeared screeching underneath one of the fighters. He was clearly awake but not doing anything to save himself, must be paralysis, or hes just lost the will to fight. "Rimpa!" targeting the paralyzed man. She readied herself for the larges creature she's ever seen on Motavia. She either needed time to prepare, which she clearly didn't have, ro think quickly for a new strategy, something she often used as an improvisation techinque which hadn't turned out so well in the past. Its too big for these weapons to take down sufficiently, a technique, had she known one powerful enough would be perfect right here. The creature focused its attentions on the group selecting a target for its assault.

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 30, '07, 6:26 pm 
"What the?" Trey said as the ground shook. He noticed the large beast come from underneath the brick on the ground, a strange, yet familiar face riding on the back of the beast. He noticed a small aura surround him, one of his comrades cast something on him, hoping to help their unnamed ally. The ground continued to shake, building foundations crumbled. Trey turned his head, noticing the girl was still hiding, near one of the crumbling houses. "Oh no!" He thought to himself. He began running towards the girl, a large piece of house fell as he began running. He sprinted quickly, but it was not enough. Before he could reach her she had looked up, letting out a scream of fear as she was crushed by the building. "NO!" Trey yelled as tears fell from his eyes. His allies heard his scream, but stayed focused on the beast rampaging the town. He continued on towards her, but coming to a slow walk then eventually stopping in front of the rubble. Only a piece of his cloak could be seen underneath all the rubble. "I.. I promised!" He said as he began digging through the rubble, hoping to save the girl. Tears continued to fall from his eyes.

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 30, '07, 10:29 pm 
Sane felt the effect. He had a little trouble sitting up but he managed to. He grabbed his sword and struck the sandworm in the head. His sword was stuck and the sandworm flung him into the air. Sane was now defensless in the air, thesandworm had its mouth open and waited for Sane as he started to descend. Sane stared at the many teeth of the sandworm, he put his hand in front of him, unknowing of what to do, he didn't think, but just acted. "WAT!" A light illuminated from his hand and turned into it's proper element. It then sped towards his opponent. The familliar battle glare in his eye. He was ready for anything. Even death.

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 1, '07, 4:11 am 
She stood next to no chance. Against an infant sandworm, she gauged, she can easily defeat it. Against its full-grown parents, maybe- if I had another person.

But this monstrosity of a sandworm? Ten percent, at best, even with a group of five, Rose thought. But still- if someone doesn't kill this thing quickly, we're not going to be the only ones with a sandworm problem.

As Rose pondered the sandworm situation, she heard the girl screaming, then a loud crash as a piece of building fell where she was hiding. Trey shouted something Rose couldn't make out as he rushed towards the rubble, trying to dig her out. Her thoughts kept switching between the sandworm and the pile of rubble.

Finally, she made up her mind. Rose dashed over to the rubble pile and grabbed a piece of sandstone, chucking it over her shoulder. "Trey!" she grunted as she lifted another masonry chunk. "I'll try to keep that sandworm off our backs- just keep digging!"

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