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PostPosted: Fri Mar 14, '08, 11:44 pm 
"Yeah- I left her at the inn, and, by the way, was subjected to a very rude questioning by Nalya's guards," Rose told Trey. "Needless to say, the inn was a few blocks away when our Numan friend and her friends decided to do some before-hours shopping at the weapon store."

"Well, I don't think we'll be having any more trouble from her," Aijo called from the control cabin. "I backed over her a few times for good measure. So, Rose, I guess these two are friends of yours?"

"Yep." She turned to face Trey. The two slashes Mitria left on Rose's cheek had healed into two parallel scars. "Trey, the man driving the landrover's Aijo. He's a fellow Hunter, if the really big gun and the lifetime supply of Onion Shot didn't give it away. Aijo, this is Trey- he helped me and two others fight off a giant sandworm in Aiedo the other day. And the girl with pointy ears... hrrm." Rose walked in a circle around Celeith, noticing the confused expression on her face. "I don't know her, actually. I'd say she's a Numan, but her ears are pointing horizontally... Not half-Numan, either. Your ears are too pointy..."

The landrover screeched to a halt. Aijo left the control cabin and entered the back, looking at Celeith. "Well, we're safe now, so... Trey, was it? Why don't you introduce us to your friend?"

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 15, '08, 12:06 am 
"This is my childhood friend Celeith. We had been seperated recently, but we reunited on Parma a few days ago. And well, about the ears and her skin.. Umm.." He tried explaining, coming to a halt so not to embarass Celeith.

"It's ok Trey, I think they should know everything. Now where to begin..." She said. The group sat down waiting for Celeith to begin her story. "Me and Trey are not from here, and not in the way you'd think. You see we're not from this universe. We're from a alternate one where Parma is gone and Motavia is wasting away, unlike here where Parma exists and Mota is flourishing."

"In our world theres a being we were fighting against known as Sha-Vare. Many of our comrades died in the quest to destroy him and save Algo. In the end Trey was faced against a friend of ours named Skylar. Skylar had become evil thanks to Sha-Vares spirit inside of him. In the end Trey was able to summon the power of the broken Elsydeon and bring the sword back to its rightful form. In the end Trey defeated Skylar, releasing the dark hold on him and killing him in the process. But at the same time Trey's life began to end as well."

"I remember now... I'll take it from here Celeith. The sword can only be used by those chosen to wield it. If anyone who isn't chosen kills someone their life is ended as well. In the end I laid in my comrades arms, asking him to protect my family. Then I faded away. All this time I was floating in darkness, for so long I was there. The loneliness I felt in there, trapped in that Void alone. In the end I was called over here, and when I woke up I made my way towards Aiedo where I met you guys."

"And about the way I look. Wanting to avenge Trey's death I took the Elsydeon and charged into Sha-Vares castle, confronting both him and his bride. My strength wasn't enough and I was defeated by Sha-Vare. There I was thrown into this machine that would turn me completely evil, but... as my body began changing I called out to him, and held onto his pendant. Then I was thrown into darkness as well.. All I remember when I woke up was I was travelling through a cold field, heading in any direction. Then he found me and I've been slowly helping him recover his memory.. We learned that we came from the other dimension awhile later, and well as you can see here we are now, telling you this story. Hard to believe huh?"

The two told their story, but even though they were telling the truth it was a story that would be hard for anyone to believe. A void, a alternate universe, it didn't make any sence at all.

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 21, '08, 1:14 am 
Rose and Aijo both sweatdropped after Celeith told her story to them. Of course, it made no sense, her tale of an alternate universe and a fiend named Sha-Vare who influenced people.

"So... where you and Trey come from," Rose started, "Palma's gone. Gone. It's not there as in, it's a dead rock in space, or blasted to atoms, or whatever... it's not there. And Motavia..." She looked out the open viewport of the landrover. "Motavia's not the lush, tropical land I see out that window, but a hellish, re-desertifying planet."

"And there's another strange thing," Aijo added. "She said Trey died. But, here he is, right in front of us, very much alive. Very strange, your story."

"You don't think this Sha-Vare exists in our universe, do you?" Rose asked Trey and Celeith. "Come to think of it... it's After War 2284 now. You two wouldn't happen to be from that year in your own Algo... would you?"

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 21, '08, 1:39 am 
"AW 2284? That can't be right. I was only eight in AW 2284.. I'm eighteen now so it seems we're ten years behind for some reason. But why?" Celeith said. Why indeed had these two been thrown into the void ten years before the actions of their own universe.

"There has to be some way to get back across the void." Trey said. Many thoughts flowed through his mind at that moment. It seemed as if the two would never be able to return. "Anyways, lets get away from here. I feel uneasy staying on this continent actually. Is there any other place we could go to that would welcome us and possibly be able to give us insight on any rumors that might help us?" Trey told Aijo.

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 22, '08, 6:12 pm 
Right after Trey asked his question to Aijo, both he and Rose looked at each other and smiled understandingly. They knew not only where they'd be able to get some help, but a location that was off-continent.

"The Hunters' Guild," Aijo said. "That's always a great source of rumors and work."

"Always was," Rose added. She turned to Trey and Celeith. "Now, you wanted to get off this continent, Trey, so Aiedo's out. I kinda lost my Dezolian Ring... I've been meaning to replace that next chance I get, actually... so the branch office in Akuba's out, also..."

"Yeah. And I really don't want to fight my through Skure Spaceport again. Trey, Celeith, I don't know how Skure's like in your Algo, but..." Aijo sighed as he headed to the landrover's control cabin. "Here, it seems like biomonsters use Skure Spaceport as some kind of mating ground."

"And the machines. They probably self-perpetuate in Skure. Every time I go there, there's always more machines and biomonsters to kill."

"So, Motavia's out, and Dezolis is out also. That only leaves one choice: Hunters' Guild headquarters in Camineet, the capital city of Palma!"

Rose grinned at Trey and Celeith. "So, how about it? We get to Kadary Spaceport, take a short flight over, and we'll be in the biggest city on Palma. You two have never been to Palma in your Algo... I think you'd like it."

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 22, '08, 6:47 pm 
"Yea we've never been to Palma in our time, but we did just leave there here." Celeith said to the others.

"It might be a good idea though, we can go see Luna again. I think she'd be interested in seeing these two." Trey spoke. The landrover continued moving along through the fields, the two outsiders of this universe still very unaware of the dangers that would befall them.

"So Celeith, how are you feeling?" Trey asked. Looking at his friend he noticed her staring at her reflection in the window. "I'm fine.. Just thinking." "About what?" "About everyone. Anise, Crash, Sani, Sane, Dorn, everyone we left there. I wonder how they're doing." She said.

"I bet they're alright." He said, sitting next to his friend he placed his arm around her shoulders. "We'll find a way back.. Now could you explain who some of these people are?" He said.

Celeith giggled a bit as she began helping Trey collect some of his lost memories. She told the story of how he came to live on Motavia, how he became friends with Crash, Mathias, and herself. She helped him remember slightly that Anise was his sister, as well as Sani who he rescued in his travels.

"I see.. Its all coming back now. Sani, I promised her I'd never leave her all alone." Trey said silently. The blue-haired man gazed at the floor as they continued their trip through the fields of Motavia.

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 24, '08, 6:12 pm 
Sane walked over to the Rancher where he was thanked dearly. Sane looked at the rancher and said, "I'm not really a hunter. I'm just a traveler. You can keep the reward. Just give me a room at the inn and take good care of this woman. And that kid over there too." The rancher looked at him a moment and then nodded and said, "That is a very generous offer but I insist you take the reward.d checked ou" Sane looked at him and shook his head. The rancher gave a nod and began walking toward the youth.

Sane went to the inn and checked out a room. He told the innkeeper about the bargain with the rancher and him. He went to the room and laid Mitria in a bed. He sat down and wrote a letter. He then left town not knowing where to go. He figured he send one more message to Trey.

Trey. This is Sane Terrace. I'm not sure if you exist in this universe but, I want to know if your out there. I need to tell you that Sha-Vare has been defeated and well. In this universe it is ten years in the past and I fear he may exist. So much has happened since you died and. Sane paused. I'm lonely.

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 24, '08, 7:26 pm 
"Wow, everythings changed so much." Celeith said. The wind blowing through her hair as she stood atop the landrover. Trey standing by her side gazed on at the lush green fields that surrounded them. "It's faint, but yea. Things are alot different then the desert we grew up in." Trey said quietly.

Trey. This is Sane Terrace. I'm not sure if you exist in this universe but, I want to know if your out there. I need to tell you that Sha-Vare has been defeated and well. In this universe it is ten years in the past and I fear he may exist. So much has happened since you died and.

"Agg" Trey yelled. He grabbed ahold of his head and fell to his knees in agony. "Trey are you alright?" Celeith asked, grabbing ahold of him. Trey's breathing began to go back to normal as well as the pain inside his head, he slowly stood to his feet.

"Hey are you guys ok out here?"

"Yea, everythings fine. Just a little dizzy is all." Trey said. Looking around he noticed they had begun going west after crossing the bridge that seperated the continent Aiedo was on to the southern one. "Where are we anyways?" Trey asked. Celeith looked around, trying to get a decent idea of where they were. "Looks like we're heading towards Mile." She replied.

Scratching his head slightly, he turned to Rose and said. "Lets stop in Mile when we get there. Theres something I need to see with my own eyes."

Nodding her head the woman climbed back into the landrover, the group making their way towards Mile.

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 24, '08, 8:04 pm 
Sane walked a short distance outside mile. He knew not where to go or anything. He did not even know why he was there. He observed his landscape. "It's too green." he said. Sighing he looked around. Two monster flys came charging toward him. He drew his sword and began to attack them. They seemed faster than he remembered.

He parried their attacks."Dammit." he said as he hacked one down. The remaining fly knocked his sword out of his hands and immediatly began it's assault. There wasn't much he could do but dodge.

Dodge. Punch. Evade. It became a routine. "Dammit." Dodge. Punch. Evade. This continued on for many minutes. "My attack has little-" Dodge. Punch. Evade. "Effect." Dodge. "FOI!" The fly caught on fire and began screeching a horrible noise. Sane quickly retrieved his sword and ended the creatures suffering. He sighed and sheathed his sword.

He heard a noise and some drool hit his shoulder. He immediately ducked as if it were a habit and avoided a decapitation by a locusta. He turned behind him and saw a large locusta. He did a dodge roll as the creature stabbed down at him.He was right beneath the creature and kicked at it's leg. He heard a crack.

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 24, '08, 10:06 pm 
"All right," Rose told Celeith. "I need to do some shopping there anyway. All right with you, Aijo?"

"Absolutely fine by me, Rose."

The landrover chugged on for a few kilometers, before suddenly stopping. "Huh... that's odd," Aijo said. "Trey, Cely, get inside."

"You see it too?" Rose asked, looking out the canopy. A man was fighting a giant Locusta off in the distance.

"Yeah. I'll bring us in closer..."

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