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PostPosted: Thu Feb 28, '08, 9:25 pm 
Sane found him self running at random now. He stopped to take a quick breather in Mile. Upong entering the town a man stood there with a worried look on his face. He Saw Sane with his sword and ran up to him. "Are you the hunter here to help wit my problem. Without thinking Satne nodded his head slightly as he saw something fly from over the quicksand. The rancher said, "Okay the worm is in here. Please get rid of it for me." He lead Sane into the farm and he stood there.

"GEt rid of what?" SAne said and almost as if on queue, a worm popped from under the ground and SAne drew his sword. He gave a slight gulp as the worm charged towards him. Closing his eyes a man rushed in and attacked the worm from the side. He looked familliar .

"You idiot! Just don't stand there!" The voice said. Sane opened his eyes to see the man was but a mere boy. He looked familliar though. Then the boy yelled, "FIGHT!"

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 29, '08, 2:03 am 
"Aijo. When I say 'run,' run," Rose mumbled, backing uneasily away from Mitria's regenerated body.


She wasn't stupid- she knew when a fight was out of her league. And Rose realized this particular opponent was far beyond her skills.

Even if we had all the Hunters, I doubt she'd die, she considered. "Sa Ner."

"Awww, how quaint!" Mitria stood up and dusted herself off, extending her claws after a second. "Looks like your little Collabo Tech didn't work, hmm?"


Aijo was off like a rocket, and the Numan attempted to rake her claws down his back. Rose managed to block the claws with her knives, giving the purple-haired Hunter enough time to get away.

"Get to that land rover!" Rose shouted, struggling to push Mitria's claws away.

"Go ahead, Hunter girlie. Try and stop Mithril Mitria." Mitria smirked her familiar smirk, the one Rose was so eager to slap off of her face. "You'll have a hell of a time trying to put me into a grave."

"Oh, shut up."

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 3, '08, 8:10 pm 
Saying their goodbyes the two travellers watched as the large spaceship launched from the port. Alot of strange things had been happening since they figured out they did not belong in this reality.

"So where should we go?" Trey asked. Glancing around looking for anything that looked familiar. The two looked southeast to notice a large hole near the sandpools nearby.

Recognizing where they were Celeith made a suggestion. "Do you remember how to cast Ryuka Trey?" Crossing his arms he began thinking for a moment. "Faintly, but I think I know how." He said.

Grabbing ahold to Trey's arm he placed his hand flat out. "Concentrate Trey. Focus on the town you've been to previously and we'll appear there." She told him. Concentrating hard he began chanting the words of the Ryuka technique. A light blue aura surrounded the two and they vanished instantly.

"ITS A MONSTER!" A young man yelled out. Opening his eyes Trey drew his knives quickly, looking around for the monster. The two had arrived back in the ruins of Aiedo, surrounded by the few remaining townspeople and hunters. "Young man, get away from that monster." A elderly woman yelled out to Trey.

It struck Trey that they were claiming Celeith to be the monster. Sheathing his knives he tried to explain the situation to the townspeople. Not wanting anything to do with the monster Celeith had become they charged in with weapons. Grabbing ahold of Celeith, Trey used his lightning quick reflexes and dodged them, making their way towards the gates.

"Lets head to Nalya, it seems these people don't like newcomers." Celeith said. Quickly the two ran out of the gate of Aiedo and headed towards Nalya.

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 4, '08, 4:18 am 
The Land Rover. That's probably our best bet.

Aijo ran back down the streets of Nalya, following the trail of debris the fight with Mitria had caused. He was reluctant to leave Rose behind, but a part of him thought she knew what she was doing.

Still be there, still be there... ah! Splendid!

The Land Rover that the thieves had used was, Aijo thought, parked rather unorthodoxially- its rear bay was smashed clean through the face of Rakeem's Sword and Scabbard, allowing its occupants easy access to the store's stock of equipment. Aijo dashed into the store, pausing when he saw a young man tied up just inside.

"Mrrrmph mmmph!" The man hobbled in his chair, hopping towards the purple-haired Hunter. "Mmmp!?"

"Umm.... just give me a minute, all right?" Aijo asked, running into the back of the Land Rover. From there, it was a simple hop into its control cabin.

"Great!" he told himself, gunning the vehicle's engine. "Now, off to save Rose!"

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 4, '08, 4:28 am 
Snapping back to his senses. Sane rushed in and attacked the creature. The boy was doing just as good as Sane. THe boy started to get frustrated as not much damage was being done to the beast. So the boy ran over to the side and aimed his hand at the beast and closed his eyes. "GiWat" THe boy said.

Sane looked in awe as the attack seemed have the effect of a Na class. The boy glanced at Sane and yelled, "For a hunter you sure a-" The boy was hit across the field becoming unconsious. The worm sped towards the boy.

Sane ran towards the creature but was unsuccessful in matching it's speed. "Damn," He said raising his hand towards the creature, "Tsu!" THe beast was hit with a thunder elemental attack. It turned around more irritated than hurt. Sane was being charged at.

Without knowing it, Sane transmitted a message to Trey again. Damn! TRey wish you were here. I could really use your help here. Sane than managed to send a visual of his location. Yet he was unaware.

Te creature plowed Sane in the stomach attempting to devour him.SAne looked away at his sword as it flung from his hands and e wrestled the great beast.Sane said just under his breathe, "DAmn. If this keeps up I'm a gonner."

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 4, '08, 4:57 am 
TRey wish you were here. I could really use your help here.

"What was that?" Trey thought as a image of someone crossed his mind. The two approached Nalya, slowing their march. "Whats wrong Trey?" Celeith asked.

Grabbing his head he came to a halt. The pain of past things flowed through his mind. Shaking his head he looked forward to notice the commotion coming from the town.

"Damn, why does this always happen everywhere we go!" He said. Gazing over at Celeith he looked at her face, how much it had changed. If she went into town she would be chased again as a monster. "Lets go!" Celeith said as she cracked the whip she had recieved. Before he could say anything she had already charged into the town. He quickly followed after.

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 4, '08, 11:11 pm 
"Damn. I won't be able to keep this up much longer." Sane looked at death peering in his face. The thousands of sharp teeth craved Sane as a snack, each wanting the fresh taste of blood. A big slump of drool landed upon his chest. "ugh. Nasty."

Sane lost all strength and accepted his fate by releasing. The worm was blasted from him and a voice yelled out, "Sanee-poo! Why do you run?" Mitria ran towards Sane. HE tensed. "Aren't you s-supposed to be in Nalya?" Mitria nodded, "I am. Well a clone is of me. You know how that is." Sane gave a slight nod recalling the many clones of a wicked mn. THe clones being only a fraction of the power.

"But the clones are impossible to beat." Sane muttered being overheard by Mitria. "Actually my clones can be beaten. It's just me who can't. I switched a clone in for me so I can come chase you down my love." SAne looked in disgust. "I never had feelings for you nor do I now. Just leave me alone you stuck up-" The worm screamed in anger as it came back.

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 9, '08, 4:35 am 
SAne grabbed the dagger which hung on Mitria's belt and was about to stab her with it when the worm came screaming back. Thinking fast Sane tosses the dagger towards the worm. It went through the worms mouth and came out the back of its neck.

Mitria said to Sane: Don't you know it's not nice to steal other peoples things?" Mitria said playfully." Sane replied hastily, "Don't you know stalking is illegal." Mitria gave a cruel smile but it quickly vanished as she pushed him out of the way and took a blow from her own dagger. SHe screamed in pain as blood ran out of her arm. SAne noticed she wasn't healing at all.

He said in a mumble, "That dagger must be the key to defeating her. It seems to have the effect of a boomerang as well. Interesting." Sane looked at the worm who lay on the ground motionless.

He walked over to the silver-haired numan who now lay on the ground writhering in pain. He pulled the dagger from her arm and bandaged her up.He put the dagger in the side pocket of his shorts and treated to Mitria's wounds. She looked at him confused and Sane replied, "I may have some use for your existence." Mitria passed out.

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 9, '08, 4:45 am 
Rose groaned in pain, feeling Mitria claw's cut across her face again, in the exact spots on her cheek. Gritting her teeth, she tightened her grip on her daggers.

"Such a waste of talent, girlie," Mitria taunted. "You really should have been a thief like me... though I don't think you're Yellow Scarf material."

"And you're not Hunters' Guild material," Rose countered. "Fair exchange."

The sound of an engine started to approach. Rose raised an eyebrow, then started laughing.

"You sound rather jovial for someone staring death incarnate down, girlie." The engine grew louder.

"Sounds like you know what you're talking about."

By now, the sound of the engine had travelled down to the street Rose and Mitria were fighting on, and Rose could see the Yellow Scarves' landrover bearing down upon them, Aijo at the helm. He shouted something Rose couldn't hear over the noise- from what it looked like, Aijo was shouting at her to get the hell out of the way.

She complied, giving the silver-haired Numan a shove as she backflipped off her, landing-

-just in time for Mitria to disappear under the tread of the four-ton vehicle, bones cracking audibly as the landrover passed by, braking to a halt. Rose leapt into the open back of the landrover and slammed the hatch shut, sealing it behind her.

"Was that good or what, Rose!?" Aijo called to her, laughing. "I think that got her!"

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 10, '08, 10:29 pm 
"I smell blood" Celeith said quietly. Her ears twitched as the sound of bones cracking could be heard in the distance. The two walked into town, noticing a large cloud of dust in the distance.

"Lets go, I feel uneasy standing here." Trey said. The vibrations coming from underneath the ground could be felt, as if someone was burrowing underneath.

"HEY IN THERE! WHATS GOIN ON!" Trey yelled out, hoping the people inside the landrover would be able to hear him. The large machine came to a quick halt, with the side door opening. A familiar face stood at the door only saying two words. "Get In"

The two jumped up the machine climbing inside the large rover the door shut behind them. "Hey! Long time no see huh?" Trey said as he noticed the woman standing in front of him.

"Who's that Trey?" Celeith asked. Keeping herself hidden behind Trey. The woman stared at Celeith, her pale skin color, her ears, her whole feature was nothing like Rose had ever seen. "This is Rose. Its a long story but to make it short. I arrived in Aiedo awhile back and a giant sandworm attacked. From there we split up... So Rose, did the girl make it out ok?" He explained following up with a question.

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