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PostPosted: Thu Jan 24, '08, 5:42 pm 
Where was she? WHERE WAS SHE?!

Rose glanced around uneasily, adjusting her stance and her daggers every second. And what did he mean by 'his reality?' This is getting very weird.

She spun on her heel. Mitria wasn't there. All Rose could see was Sane, standing ready with his sword, and Aijo down the street, ducking behind an outdoor fruit stand. From what Rose could see, neither one of them could see Mitria.

She can't be invisible- not even a Numan can do that.

Slowly, cautiously, Rose turned around again, taking a step closer to the landrover parked near the store. Then another. Then an-

"Surprise, girlie!"

Rose could barely react- Mitria had leapt from the hole blasted in the storefront, landing on top of the Hunter. "Looks like I've caught myself a nice little Hunter!" she purred, smirking as Rose's daggers were knocked from her hands. "You Hunters are all the same- foolish." She extended her claws. "And you all bleed the same, too..."

And with a grunt, Rose reached up towards Mitria, grabbing her wrists. "I'll break 'em," she told the Numan.

"I'll cut you into ribbons. Isn't that right, Sane, my dearest?"

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 25, '08, 5:55 am 
Sane felt enraged as he heard the Mitria say that all hunters are the same and bleed the same too. He felt uncontrollable rage. An aura so powerful surrounded his body that a crater began to break under his path. He lifted his sword with one hand and looked up. He charged with speed fast enough that he was undetectable - almost. He attempted to slam into Mitria but staggered off Rose and caught him. with her arms. He was stopped solid.

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 31, '08, 4:56 pm 
Rose tightened her grip on Mitria, trying to bend the Numan's wrists backwards and shift her weight so she could stand up again. Above her, Mitria smirked as she struggled against Rose.

"Hehe... Saney-poo just bounced right off, didn't he?" she taunted. "I guess he replaced me with you, girlie. Oh, well- I'll be back in his good graces soon eno-"

"Gi Zan!"

The sudden influx of wind created by the Technique tore Mitria away from Rose, sending Rose tumbling and Mitria spiraling through the air, her hair trailing behind her like a long ribbon. Aijo stood from behind the fruit stand and raised his rifle, firing a few shots at the Numan.

Mitria finally crashed to the ground at Sane's feet, twin marks on her neck and legs where the bullets had grazed her. As she stood, Sane hefted his sword.

"Sane... sweetheart," she cooed. "Help a lady out against these Hunters, eh?"

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 31, '08, 7:42 pm 
Sane didn't shift his gaze. He that glare in his eye never once subsided since he saw Mitria. He brought his foot and leg back and kicked with all his might. The blow barely effected Mitria as she grabbed on his knee, "Now now Sane dearest. That wasn't very nice now. And here I thought I was the naughty one." Mitria winked at Sane. He was disgusted as he tried pushing her away with his hands, he yelled at Mitria, "Get off me! You-" "You wouldn't swear at little old me now would you?" Mitria sad smiling at Sane. He raised his hand to Mitria's head, "FOI!" A blast of fire came from his hand engulfing her in flames. He was free now.

Sane sighed, "Maybe this time you'll stay dead." He put his sword back in its resting place then headed towards Rose and Aijo. He heard some footsteps behind him. Turning around he saw Mitria in perfect condition again. "W-what the hell? You weren't able to do that before." Sane said taking a few steps back. HIs eyes clearly showed he was horrified. "Well now Sane, I made a deal with him. There are some more features I have that you don't know about. Allow me to show you." She took a step towards Sane and he tunred around and started to run, top speed.

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 4, '08, 2:56 am 
Sane's escape bought Rose a bit of time- she tumbled forward, grabbing her knives. Nobody can do that, she thought as she turned to face the direction Sane had run. No Palmans, Motavians, Dezolians, Numans, or Androids... not even a Musk Cat can just regenerate like that!

"Running away, Sane?" Mitria asked. "You'll soon wish you stayed with me..."

Mitria gave chase. Aijo immediately rose from his position and fired, hitting the Numan dead-center in her chest. To his shock, there was no result.

"Wh-what!?" he stammered, kneeling as he reloaded his rifle. "What the hell's up with that Numan, Rose?! That was a clean hit!"

"I don't know," Rose replied. "Sa Ner! But she said she made a deal with someone... we're gonna find out who!"

They took off after Sane and Mitria, soon catching up with them a block away.

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 18, '08, 6:12 am 
(Sorry to doublepost, but it's been two weeks.)

Mitria was facing Sane, her ever-present smirk on her face as she brandished her claws. "Now, Sane," she cooed, taking a step towards him. "You should have stayed with me."

The Numan's back was facing Rose. She knew it was dishonorable, but at the same time, she realized she had to help Sane. Raising her daggers, she motioned for Aijo to find a safe place to shoot from.

Then she raised an arm, ready to stab Mitria in the back.

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 18, '08, 6:51 am 
Sane was cornered. He turned around and saw Mitria walking towards him with a twisted smile of pleasure. He saw rose about to stab her in the back. As the weapoon soar down towards Mitria's back, it was deflected with Mitria's arm. "Why are you trying to stop me from having my Sanee-poo?" Mitria kicked Rose in the chest sending her flying. SAne drew his weapon in self defense.

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 26, '08, 3:23 am 
I double post because no one has posted in a week... >_>

Mitria stepped closer and Sane tensed. His bloodied hand dripped onto the ground. Mitria took another step smiling. Her smile plainly read something he did not like, or want for that matter. He swallowed as Mitria took a few more steps. As she reached toward him he closed his eyes and tensed.

A cold hand touched his cheek gently and hus head was guided to a pair of soft lips. He started to think why he was doing this, escpecially when he has a girlfriend back in his universe. He thought of her face then relaxed. He stabbed Mitria in the stomach. Her stomach touched the hilt of Sane's sword. Mitria's blood gushed over Sane's hands. The warmth disgusted him. And yet Mitria continued her kiss. He rose his hand to her chest and yelled, "FOI!" Mitria went flying backand Sane sword ripped from his hand.

Sane panted and ran towards Mitria. He grabbed and sword and ran as fast as he could. He ran out of Nalya and kept running. He thought of Trey hoping to get a message to him, Trey, this is Sane Terrace. I need your help if you get this message. Sane kept running.

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 26, '08, 4:30 am 

".......Well." Rose sheathed one of her knives, then took a cautious step towards Mitria. Aijo rose from his sniping spot, still aiming his rifle at the bloodied Numan lying in the street. As she took another step, Rose continued, "Looks like that Sane guy did the trick. Hope she doesn't do that regeneration trick, though. That would really-"


The wound on Mitria's stomach had already started to heal over by the time Aijo shouted his warning, so Rose had no time to react as Mitria suddenly leapt upright, giving Rose several gashes on her cheek as the Numan's claws raked across her face. Rose cried out and flailed with her other knfe, slashing Mitria across the throat.

"Tsk, tsk, girlie," Mitria said, the throat cut starting to close even as Rose returned to a neutral stance. "You should know by now that your little blades and bullets won't work on me."

"Still worth a shot! Hewn!"

At the same time, Aijo shifted his rifle into his right hand, focusing mental energy into his left, compressing it into a black ball. "Gi Gra!" he shouted.

Then, as if they had practiced countless times, both Aijo and Rose made similar motions with their free hand, concentrating on Mitria.


The Hewn spell wrapped around Mitria, held in place by the Gi Gra charge as it shrunk. After a second, the Gi Gra dispersed, instantly causing the Hewn to expand to its full volume. The result: A very loud bang as the combined Tech and Skill caused an explosion of air and gravity. Pieces of Mitria were strewn all around the back alley.

"Well, that did it!" Aijo said, shouldering his rifle. "Looks like she couldn't take-"

"...Aijo, look." Rose drew her other knife.

Mitria's remains started to reconstitute, and after a horrifying minute, the Numan had regenerated, fully recovered.

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 26, '08, 11:31 pm 
"Took us long enough to get here." Trey thought to himself as the three managed to walk out of the spaceship. The ground began shaking as they set the first foot on the asteroid. "Whoa whoa!" Celeith screamed. Losing her balance Trey caught her with his arms as the three noticed another group of people running from the large castle. "Wait.. I know him.. HEY CHAZ!" Trey yelled out as the group made their way to their spaceship. "Hey, its been awhile Trey. Lets talk later, now we gotta get outta here." Chaz said. Not asking any more questions all the group made their way into the larger spacecraft, except for Alis who ran into the large castle.

"Alis! What are you doing?!" Celeith yelled out. The blue-haired man who accompanied Chaz looked back as the name Alis was yelled out. "Damnit, we can't go after her. What was she thinking?" Trey thought to himself as he and Celeith ran into the ship. The door slammed shut and the android sitting at the controls ignited the engines. "That name Alis hasn't been given to a person in thousands of years. Why would you call that woman that?" The blue-haired man asked. Trey and Celeith began explaining to the group about the whole situation as the spacecraft shot from the castle.

Back in the castle

"Hehehe those fools thought they really destroyed me" A voice said as the body of a cloaked man began to form. His body ravaged in scars and burns. "How is it you managed to survive all these years Lassic?" Alis said as she walked in the large room. He began to chuckle as he heard the voice of Alis. "I should ask you the same question Landale. Theres no way a Palman could have lived over 2000 years." The evil king spoke as the ground began to shake. Drawing her sword she charged at the evil king and the two began battling.

On the Landale

"Air Castle seems to have disappeared." The android told the group. Trey and Celeith looked at the monitor as they watched the castle vanish from sight. "Alis.." Trey mumbled. The blue-haired man turned and walked to the farthest section of the ship. "So where are you headed to?" Chaz asked. Trey turned to his old comrade and said. "Take us to Motavia. Theres some people I came in contact prior to meeting you that I have to find again." With that said the ship changed coarse towards Motavia.

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