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PostPosted: Sat Jan 14, '12, 9:41 pm 
It's a shame you can't switch weapons in combat. Even if it does take a turn to do so, I had times when I wished "I wished I had the bloody axe now" or vice versa.

PostPosted: Sun Jan 15, '12, 10:11 am 
I just bought the Laser Gun (Not in HON but make me think of it ^^) in the normal game (in fact the translation of japanese text version by the site sms power) and yes, when there is a difference in th number of monsters that are facing you, it's a shame we can't switch them...but this option is a rare one in RPG.

PostPosted: Sat Mar 3, '12, 4:03 pm 
Hordes of Nei was a very hard game, but I was able to beat it after some trial and error (and a lot of saving). Three 255 Lassic with strong magic was a little too much.

I'm developing a PS Remake that is going to be hard, but not cheap - like longer quest, side quests, bigger maps, custom dungeons, new monsters, more bosses etc.

PostPosted: Sat Mar 3, '12, 8:57 pm 
rafael_esper : I just tried it at the beginning but too many games to play and things to do so : greetings ! You're strong :)
Ah you're making a remake ? Nice news ! And the planning is very attractive ! :) Good luck ! How is your project doing ?

PostPosted: Tue Mar 13, '12, 8:37 am 
The Lassic fight is the biggest issue with nearly everyone I heard about HoN so far and I agree. It was a little too much. I agree he needs to be hard, perhaps even tougher than Falz, but this was INSANELY hard. My party was fully leveled, stocked with healing items, nearly full on MP (using the dual Rise to keep my characters in top shape, only Noah missed a few MP for Rising Myau just before the door) and still had to use save states. I was ready to punch a hole through my screen. Although I must say leveling up 30 significantly seemed to make a difference as I tried it also at a few levels below and just couldn't do it.

PostPosted: Tue Mar 13, '12, 9:03 am 
Punch a hole through your screen ? Stop violence ! lol ^^ And about HoN, there is also the level 30 cap or can you reach a higher level ?

PostPosted: Tue Mar 13, '12, 11:07 am 
No, level 30 is still the cap but the increase in stat points those last levels is significant. In the original game grinding those last 5 levels hardly made a difference in both stats, HP and MP, in HoN it does. See my experience in fighting Lassic on level 25 and level 30 (although I immediately admit getting Myau to level 26 already helps because he gets THUN). The survivability of your toons is just increased A LOT.

PostPosted: Tue Mar 13, '12, 11:56 am 
Yep, there is an increase in all the stats for all the characters : that's cool ! But wthe same for the monsters I presume...(really need to continue: I'm just with Alisa for the moment...). I'm just at the end of the english retranslation hack(need to have the Laconian Axe and then to Baya Malay !) and after I'll continue.
In the originla, true that the last levels are only tied with a gain of 1 in "each" stats..not a big difference but they are all at level 29 in my game and I'll sens them to the cap I swear it :)

PostPosted: Tue Mar 13, '12, 7:34 pm 
Yes, of course the enemies get a hefty boost as well...but you can take it. Noah is a magic powerhouse. You can actually use him in regular battles! Opposed to needing to save his precious MP so he WIND the crap out of bosses. And boss fights are actually tough, as are dragons, as they should be. Noah can assist in battles and use Rise on the others outside of battle and even chip in healing. And once Myau has Rise you can keep on forever in theory. Characters are as they should be: Odin a meat shield and powerhouse, Noah a true Magician (as his amount of MP was just laughable), Myau is more relegated to a support role for which he is properly fitted (bit of offensive and defensive and healing techniques) opposed to being one of your main offensive characters for a good part of the game (once getting him the fang) and Alis is an all rounder. Fighter but not as tough as Odin and has healing and offensive potential, but not as good as Myau or Noah.

PostPosted: Tue Mar 13, '12, 9:59 pm 
Good description of the characters ! You're very knowledgeable in all that :) Odin a meatshield ? Here maybe but it's true that in the original it wasn't really the case...:)

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