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PostPosted: Sat Dec 31, '11, 8:32 pm 
Well the Lassic fight was always about luck I think, even in the original. If he hit insanely hard you weren't able to keep up with the healing. But it's doable in HoN. The Falz fight was laughable compared to Lassic.

PostPosted: Wed Jan 11, '12, 10:47 am 
In the original version, I think it depends also of the level you have reached for your characters : if they are all at the max level (30 but everyone knows that ;) ) I think Lassic will soon be history... BUT sometimes, if he hits hard, it can become harder ! You never know...

PostPosted: Wed Jan 11, '12, 10:32 pm 
Yes, at level 30 he was A LOT easier in the original. I recall I once beat him with an average party level of 22/23, that was a lot tougher. But even at level 30 he sometimes managed to wipe my party easily. Sometimes he just gets lucky bolts, striking Odin very hard on the first turn, then strikes before Myau on the second turn and again hitting Odin hard, poof, gone. You can miss Alis, but missing Odin and his certain 20 damage per round is a disaster. If he manages to take out Noah it's pretty much over.

But the difference between level 30 and lower levels is much much much more noticeable in HoN if you ask me. The maker already said that grinding those final five levels really makes a difference (besides the fact of Myau getting Thun which is a must IMO) in your stats and from my experience he was right. Luckily grinding yourself to level 30 is a lot easier in HoN: first of all you get more monsters per fight and thus more XP. You just need a good farming ground. I just did the Robotcop in the BM passage (you can take the one in Gothic Prison as well, in fact that might be better. If you accidentally show your road pass you won't get thrown in jail...bummer I should have thought of that before...then again I can't recall if you got four Robotcops per fight as in BMP) and the fact that you are on an emulator means you can speed up the process.

PostPosted: Thu Jan 12, '12, 1:51 pm 
You were against Lashiec at level 22/23 ??? Quick advance !! But I'm sure it was much more difficult... have you ever tried to beat him without the Crystal ? ;) lol that was a joke (like in Drasgow dungeon ;) )
So with Tyrone/Odin you use the Laser Gun ? Think it's an obligation because Laconian Axe isn't always as effective as it should be :( And Lutz/Noah for the cure spell is so important.
About the level 30 and the differences between PS and HON, I can't compare because I haven't continue Hordes of Nei ! I'm in PS IV actually !! ;)
In those
Myau with Thunder ?? Yeah ! I'll be able to "be like Zeus" ;) Great addition and >I really need to continue HON.
In those special patches, farming is indeed a must do : thanks for the advices and I'll try to continue it !
But actually I'm in THREE phantasy star files ! (tied to the First one on Master system !!) : One is Hordes of Nei, the other is a totally french traducted version ! (not too bad ! even if now (and for many years !!) I have the habit to play all my games in english ;) ) and the lest one is the patch made by the site sms plus and Paul jensen and other members ! Real good traduction and really great to play :)

PostPosted: Thu Jan 12, '12, 7:02 pm 
Yes, I played through the game quickly once and reached Lassic around level 22/23. But it was a whole lot harder. In HoN I also keep using guns, I'm just too used to it. While Odin is a lot stronger in HoN and doesn't get dodged that much in boss fights, I feel the gun is still better, especially against Lassic since you face that SoB three times! Against Dark Falz you might consider equipping the Axe but I haven't tried that yet.

PostPosted: Thu Jan 12, '12, 8:07 pm 
I was never fond of guns in Phantasy Star (remember of a freeze as I was using the Laser Gun on Dezoris ! And I can't recall but I think that the save file was erased during the process !!:( I think that my hesitation come from here ! Maybe a bit silly but...^^).
But in a so difficult mode I think that using the guns is quasi an obligation.

PostPosted: Fri Jan 13, '12, 9:24 am 
Well to be fair, Odin is very strong so in a normal game one could really argue for the axe or a gun. But given that the monsters in HoN spawn is such large groups the guns are simply better as they hit them all. When facing eight foes it's nice that Odin can fully kill one in one blow. It's more fun when he can kill all in two rounds (especially nice if Odin starts in the second round). As I said, against Dark Falz you might consider using the axe, it might do more damage there, but there's never a way to tell against Falz. But like the original the second strong point about the gun (hitting all enemies) is negated as Dark Falz counts as one enemy for the gun.

Against the more brutal groups (8 mammoths) the gun just shines. As does Thunder. I never used that spell really in the original as it was way to expensive for my taste to use in a regular fight and not useful against the bosses as Wind did more damage on average. However both Noah and Myau have tons of MP more now (Noah maxes out at 255) and there's the Rise trick. Myau gets Rise as well so once both have Rise you could adventure on indefinitely as long as either stays alive since Rise raises your fallen comrade to full HP AND MP. That makes using spells heavily in normal battle much easier. But I'll admit, once I was level 30 my fights pretty much only consisted of everyone using the woodcane to run away. :D

PostPosted: Fri Jan 13, '12, 9:50 pm 
Axe Vs Gun : FIGHT !!
Yep, during the fight against Dark Force/Falz, impossible to tell how many HP he have.

I see about the "multi monster" encounters : spell that hit all the foes like thunder and the guns are very effective and a must have.
I think that that the thunder spell was really too "expensive" in MP...or the total MP of Lutz/Noah was too low, even at level 30.
Wind is also interesting (3 hits for approx 30 HP damage) in the case you speak about, compare to the 20 HP of the Laser Gun.

Noah at 255 ?? What a dream !!! So Rise is the same as before but now Myau had it also ? Yep, if one of the two stays alive.. infinite resurection is on the way !
Using the woodcane to run away ? What a coward ! lol :)

PostPosted: Sat Jan 14, '12, 10:32 am 
Well during the end it was not so much cowardice as annoyance since I just wanted to move through the bloody tower and fighting a monster every three steps is time consuming even when you speed up the battles.

Wind vs Thunder in my opinion: I only use wind against a single opponent, Thunder against multiple since thunder will do more damage against two enemies than wind can (unless you get the 15 damage per enemy but I think thunder has been slightly improved actually).

The drawback of wind vs Laser gun, if there's two enemies, the gun still does more damage, 2 times 22 (or 20 in original). Only against single foes does Wind shine. I use it with Noah against Falz as against a single target the probability of doing more than 30 damage on average with Thunder is low.

PostPosted: Sat Jan 14, '12, 4:36 pm 
About cowardice, that was only a joke :) A monster every three steps.. yes very annoying : certain games, even in the Phantasy Star serie, are not very far from here...
I understand too about the Wind/Thunder and Thunder/Lasr Gun theories : all is a logical conclusion and you nee to think it over at the beginning of the encounter.

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