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PostPosted: Wed Dec 28, '11, 5:42 pm 
Got the Axe, again, Silver Sword is your friend. Now in Baya Malaya to get the Crystal and the Magic Key. Then I'm off to Dezoris. One word of caution for the Magician's in Baya Malaya. Their thunder has been upgraded to the Lassic hit without the Crystal is an instakill of your party.

EDIT: actually after the key (just got the Crystal) I'm off to Motavia, I forgot to grill the Blue Dragon.
EDIT2: and there's three secret passages in Casba.

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 28, '11, 7:22 pm 
You are right in all,Magician can kill you in 1 thunder shot, but Where is the Nei Sword?,
Odin is very strong with the lacolian Axe, and alis and myau are poor of attack.

In this game there are only 4 Nei items?

Nei Sword???
Nei Armor
Nei Shield. ( i dont remember somenthing, i think there are 2 shields, corrupted version in the final dungeon OMG DARK FALZ IS VERY ANNOYING)
and Nei Shot.

Dezoris world is annoying, once i passed the dezoris passages, go to twintown, go to mongue roau?,

And the good of all the game of PSHON , Myau and noah have the power Rise, if anybody die, use rise and it will restore all the healthP and magic, if myau or noah are wasted of magic let die. Use the Rise power to restore the magic.

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 28, '11, 9:47 pm 
You haven't found a Neisword? I read in a review on HoN that it's there. Someone remarked, and he was right in my eyes, that adding the Neisword was probably wrong since the Laconia sword that Alis finds is supposed to be Elsydeon and since we see Rolf in PSIV flash backs probably also the Neisword of PSII which Lutz hands to Rolf, which makes sense since Noah/Lutz would probably keep the Elsydeon for further generations.

Another thing I don't like is removing the wand. The hack aims to build a better bridge and it does that with some of the changes. But removing the Wand removes a connection in my eyes as I think the Wand of PSI is supposed to be the Psycho Wand from PSIV. Now the wand is removed, shame.

If you can't find the Neisword, then look on existing maps and see if a Ceramic Sword is found in a dungeon chest. As far as I can tell the Ceramic Sword is replaced by the Neisword (just like the Neishield replaces the Laser shield for example).

It doesn't make sense in my eyes to have another Neishield. They should be unique in my eyes and there's always the Laconia Shield for Alis. What would be point of still having it when there's another Neishield?

I have done all I can do on Palma and Motavia for now, so I'm going to set my first real foot on Dezoris now (I only been to Skure to raid the shops). I plan to get to Guaron Morgue first indeed to get that Armour for Odin, then do the Dezoris Cave for the Laconia Shield. Moneywise I want to buy a Neishot first, so acquiring an Ice Digger will have to wait a little longer. I also haven't bought a Landrover yet.

PostPosted: Wed Dec 28, '11, 9:52 pm 
Funnybomber wrote:You are right in all,Magician can kill you in 1 thunder shot,

Btw, I noticed the Sorcerers now also have Thunder, but only after I acquired the Crystal. Without the Crystal, is it one shot one kill for them also? The Marauder still has a "regular" thunder.

PostPosted: Wed Dec 28, '11, 10:05 pm 
OH NO, there are 5 GOLDEN DRAGONS!!!,

250HP * 5

Dont let then kill myau,
In this part Alis is not required to attack, only to cure myau and Lutz
Myau Casts Thunder, Odin NeiSHot, and Lutz Thunder

UPS If you kill Golden Dragon you will get a Nei Armor OMG! i Buy it 2 times!!! I think you get 200o mesetas?

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 28, '11, 10:55 pm 
ROFL, that's why the maker gave the tip "only buy one set of armour in Abion". The Nei Armor replaces the Light Suit which only has a sale value of 145, so you get nothing in return for it. But it's good to know there's another Nei Armor in the game. I need one. I just found the Lac. Armor, but it gives 15 defense less, that's quite a gap, so Odin is getting a Nei Armor. Good to know I can find one. If there's really another Nei Shield, I'll give it to Odin also, his defense is just lacking now. I also finally bought the Nei Shot. "Only" does 36 damage. While other guns get a hefty increase of over 100% (not 50% as I wrote earlier since they are DOUBLED in firepower) the 20 damage from the old Laser Gun doesn't get doubled.

PostPosted: Thu Dec 29, '11, 1:38 am 
Ok i beat Shadow, prize Elysdeon!!!!, i waste all my magic :cry:



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PostPosted: Thu Dec 29, '11, 9:19 am 
Ouah :! This thread is hard to follow ! But that's great ! A good experience about HON ! Seems very very hard...I'll answer before about all but I just wanted to precise : the forgotten island tower is named ABION TOWER in japanese (I saw it in the Phantasy Star Hint Book !!).

PostPosted: Thu Dec 29, '11, 9:56 am 
I guess in the English version that name somehow got moved to Dr. Mad's village then :) I didn't know there is a Phantasy Star hint book, I guess only in Japanese?

Great job on finding Elsydeon, I knew it had to be there as it was mentioned in a review. Since it replaces the Ceramic Sword it means you'll get a normal sword animation for it, kind of a let down after having the Lac. Swd. animation.

I heard you face three Lassics, is that true? In that case it will be an insane fight indeed.

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 29, '11, 1:24 pm 
In the english version, the tower had a name ? I can't remember ! Do you know it ? Yep there is a Phantasy Star Hintbook and you're right : it's indeed in japanese...I tried to have it for a long time and finally caught it ! At last...
I suppose you already knew this site but take a look :
Go see the Guia oficial japonês de Phantasy Star I : this is a scan. A superb book ! And so is the Phantasy Star Compendium. Thanks Orakio Rob for the good work !

Three Lassics ?? OMYGOSH !!

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