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PostPosted: Tue Dec 27, '11, 10:08 am 
Ah Hordes of Nei ! I downloaded it 2 months ago but didn't go very far through...But reading this topic bring back the will to continue it !
Good hack but I was afraid it was a bit difficult and my fears seem to be right..I'll check it later.

PostPosted: Tue Dec 27, '11, 11:13 am 
It * difficult. Alis, Myau and Odin are already around level 20 and I haven't been to Dezoris yet. I also haven't done the Casba Cave yet except the secret hidden Red Dragon(s!) with the Light Saber. Also still need to get the Frad Mantle.

PostPosted: Tue Dec 27, '11, 1:48 pm 
Hard ? Aie...but I'll continue ! But maybe a little bit of leveling wouldn't be so bad ? ;) Ah the secret hidden Red dragon I remember (three secret passages in the whole game if I'm right ? )

PostPosted: Tue Dec 27, '11, 6:04 pm 
Casba Cave alone has two, the Red Dragon (two Dragons in Horde of Nei and boosted, so take care!) near the Casba entrance and another one on level 2 closer to the desert entrance with heaps of money and the Maharu Cave (Noah's hideout) has one, including a secret Red Dragon (with no special loot, at least in regular) and a chest with money. So yes, at least three. I must admit that I never found these myself btw, I only found the later on

PostPosted: Tue Dec 27, '11, 7:36 pm 
Ah I must go now to Casba Cave so i'll be very attentive and try to find them all by myself ! lol (but thanks for the help !!).
And so I think you forgot the secret passage located in the cave to Skure entrance ! Of that I'm sure ! It's located on the first "straight line" if my memory is good enough, near the end of the "first corridor" on the right ! But I can't remember what you can find inside (maybe some mesetas ? I think it's that ! I'll check on the Phantasy Star pages !!).
Me too I admit that helps me a lot...^^ I never found them all by myself....

PS : I just saw the PSPages and I was next to the truth ! But only at the middle of this corridor and true on the right !
500 mesetas as a reward :)

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 28, '11, 2:07 am 
Hi, thanks to do a thread about this game.

Im now in dezoris world, and evilheads are very annoying. Alis lvl 25, Myau 25, Odin 25, Lutz 25.

Evilhead can turn you into stone, dont let em to kill odin.

According to the game, Lutz is weak,his defense is good and attack( the same like the original game) using magic thunder is the better option. Alis and myau are in the same attack and defense, Alis magic is good, Myau magic is good, but attack is weak, and Odin is better using the lacolian sword, but his defense is bad.

Im using right now

Alis Lacolian sword, diamond armor, and silver shield. Attk 163, and defense 142
Myau Silver Tusk, thick furk, glove Attk 169, defense 187
Odin Nei Shot, Nei armor, Mirror Shield Attk 134 and defense 167, Using Lacolian Sword Attack 196
Lutz Silver Sword, Frad Mantle, Ner Shield Attack 116, Defense 169

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 28, '11, 8:27 am 
Hi Funnybomber ! Nice to meet you ! Another newcomer ! ;) Yes this game is so amazing...but the HON patch is a bit hard ! A new challenge arise...

PostPosted: Wed Dec 28, '11, 10:56 am 
@Myau, indeed, Skure has one as well, I knew about that one but not at the top of my head.

Welcome Funnybomber :) Why not go after Medusa first and get the Laconian Axe as backup for Odin? It'll get you some more XP and maybe a level.

PostPosted: Wed Dec 28, '11, 2:57 pm 
@Myau: and Master Tarzimal's cave has two as well :)

PostPosted: Wed Dec 28, '11, 4:32 pm 
I just battled myself through the Tower on the Forgotten Isle. I tell you, Sil. Swd is your friend! Make sure you keep one in your inventory once you upgrade Alis and Odin to better weapons. Since this weapon replaces the Wand in the game, it means it has "Bye" on it in combat use. I had to do quite some running on some floors (two Marauders with 210 health is just brutal) but it saved my hide.

Also went to get Noah's new robe before I went to the Tower. The Tarzimal duel is now a duel proper since you face him twice, both with 200 HP. In this fight, Prot. is your friend, as are burgers (take in mind that Noah's Cure doesn't work in combat!). I must say I used save game states in the fight though for the very last round as it came down to "either I attack first and win or you attack first and win". Well not really but basically. Noah was down to near death. He could survive a regular Tarzimal attack but when they attack they usually attack both so technically it was a "you strike first and win". Both Tarzimals were down to about 20 HP, within range for one Thunder to finish them off. I reloaded twice, on the third Noah struck first.

I bought the Neiarmor in Abion now for Alis, it gives her a HUGE boast, +35 to her Diamond Armour. I'm off to kill Medusa. It should earn me coin towards my next purchase: the Neishot. I'm really looking forward to it. I expect it will do 44 damage considering the following:
In PS we had the Needlegun for 5 damage, the Heatgun for 10 and the Laser gun for 20 damage. The Needlegun disappeared and is probably replaced by the Neishot (can confirm once I have the Neishot and try to sell it, the price will tell me as sale prices weren't altered, which means you can buy a Diamond Armour for 11500 MES and sell it for 7500 which is more than the usual 50%, of course for some items it goes the other way, as most items are actually more expensive than their PS counterpart). The Heatgun does 11 damage and the Lasergun does 22 damage. Since PS doubles the damage for each gun and HoN does the same for the first two guns it stands to reason the Neishot will do 44 damage. This finally explains the "guns have been upgraded" note in the patch notes as first I thought "wow, the guns do a whopping 1 and 2 damage more than their PS counters, what a massive upgrade" but I compared to their namesake in PS which is of course wrong. The Heatgun replaces the Needlegun, meaning an increase of damage of 6, and the Laser gun replaces the Heatgun,meaning an increase of 11. That means the Neishot, replacing the Laser gun gets a whopping 24 increase of damage. That's over 50% extra damage for each gun. I can't wait to get my hands on it.

I wonder if the Laconian Armour will give more protection than the Neiarmor. On the one hand you'd say "no, Nei weapons are new and probably the strongest", but then why would anyone bother with a Laconian Armour? Just grind a little more and buy two Neiarmors. We'll see.

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