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PostPosted: Fri Jul 16, '10, 9:05 pm 
That means he's almost done....I guess, because there's not tons of dialog up until the end from there...though of course I really don't know if some of the people around the game change their dialog after Lashiec death, so maybe it's still a long while. But anyway, since I have beaten the game already, except if they bring a brand new official release in english, I have no reason to play it again for now. Plus my computer sux badly, so no PS2 emulation, and I prefer to play my games on my console and TV, and they're not modded, nor do I plan to mod them. So this project will unfortunately never be tested by me :cry:

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 16, '10, 9:20 pm 
Man, how disheartened I'm feeling with PSG:2... :(

I'm in Zema, my party is around Lv15/17/30+(Nei), I've passed through the BioSystem barely with any TP left, have only around 2500/3000 Mesetas and many of the useful items are expensive as hell...

If most of the game is to be spent griding, than my interest on it is only gonna fall and fall...

What party and level do you guys recommend me to where I am in the game?

PostPosted: Fri Jul 16, '10, 9:26 pm 
A lot of your time will unfortunately be spent grinding yes. This is how PSII is played. Though at Zema point, all I did was to battle everything until I was finally able to get the jet scooter, and by the end of it, I was around LV28 with Rolf I think. But you know what's the best rule to follow when you play retro RPG? Just grind until you can buy the best equipments for everyone in the town you are, and then go the the next. It's especially true in PSII. The weapons and armor shop become a good sign of when you need to stop grinding. When you party of 4 is fully armed with the best they can have, then you can stop grinding.

For a "less grindy" experience of PSII, try Very Easy mode with 4X walking speed on the Phantasy Star Complete Collection. Phantasy Star II goes from a tedious to a fun yet still challenging experience :)

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 16, '10, 9:26 pm 
Oh... Dear Goodness... It seems I have no choice... :(

PostPosted: Sat Jul 17, '10, 4:19 am 
pfiou, 30 hours just clocked, and I finally reached spaceship Noah...For the 4 Dezolis dungeons holding the Nei weapons, the ennemies were so powerful, I just gave up. I went and took my old PSII Hint Book. Since the 4 dungeons are the exact same thing as in the original, I just went directly to the Nei weapons to be done with it. Now I just received my Nei Sword with my LV57 Rolf, and at this point, Megid has been unlocked since a few level. So before continuing to Dark Force and Mother Brain, I will be power-leveling with Megid for a while...

PostPosted: Sat Jul 17, '10, 3:33 pm 
So... Who you recommend me to have as a permanent party?
I'm not in the mood to be grinding all of the others... There must be an allignment that may be acceptable for the rest of the game, while the others could remain behind doing something else in Eusis' House.

PostPosted: Sat Jul 17, '10, 3:48 pm 
I don't know...everyone have their strenght. Chose your favorites ones :) (at least, Rudo should be in your team)

In all my playthrough, I always end up Rolf, Rudo, Amy, Anna...just because I like all they fit togheter. I think it's a very popular party too.

And you don't need to grind the other, if you don't select the "item creation" option for a character, he will level up by himself/herself, so you can always switch later

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 17, '10, 3:57 pm 
In Eusis' House, are they always set on grinding by default?
The options for it are in kanji so I don't get a thing on what they are set to do...

PostPosted: Sun Jul 18, '10, 5:38 am 
By default yes they're grinding

Left option = Item creation
Right option = leveling

by default, it's set to the right option

edit: At LV76, I went and try to beat Dark Force. Granted I was trying to do it without the use of any helpful items (like star mist), at that level I thought I would be able to do it rather easily. Tried it 3 times, and all 3 times, he beat the crap out of me. Compared to the original version, this Dark Force is even more a monster. His attack destroys you even more. When I saw him done a 200 HP hit, I was like "woah, calm down there". Plus of course, he got all his previous possession move to block you from doing a good fight as always. And he seems to have A LOT more HP. So I went back in shame into my leveling session. Maybe if I didnt put Amy as my only healing ressources, it would have helped, but I was always doing that in the original and never had any kind of problem...

edit 2: argh, finally, Dark Force is down. Even at LV84, he was still a pain, mainly because he has way too many hp and without healing items and use of special character skill like I was doing, well you end up with him totally owning you. Of course, I could have go back to town and buy some items, but I was stubborn. I decided to start using Rolf skill that give the party 3 turns of invicibility. During that time, I casted my 3 Megid shots without hurthing my own party. After that Rudo was blasting his special skill every 3 turns, while I was counting on Rolf attack (and sometimes critical) to hit hard. After 10 to 15 minutes of non-stop fight, he was finally down...

As for Mother Brain...well like in the original, after Dark Force, she's a real joke. Managed to beat her without much strategy. So after 40 hours, I'm done with the second Generation game. HURRAY!!! Though I want to reach LV99 before putting the game back on the shelf. I will not try the resurection thing right now, I'm burned with this game. I'll be trying that way later, one day I will feel like doing a second playthrough of Generation 2.

Anyway, this remake was truly a fun experience. While watching how great those 2D sprites were looking, I could only dream of seeing one day another classic Phantasy Star in the same vein, but a new one, not a remake remake. Phantasy Star V using those kind 2D sprites would be awesome (yes I prefer 2D over 3D).

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 18, '10, 11:36 am 
Does PSG:2 also make a Clear File when you reach the end?

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