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PostPosted: Mon Jul 12, '10, 6:30 pm 
Sorry for only responding now...

About the record... Since I suck at playing, the few games I played I always used my brother's help or cheat codes (in emulators) or something else.

With PSG:1, using only PCSX2's savestates, I did the whole game just by myself.

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 12, '10, 6:42 pm 
ah ok, I see

Anyway, I reached a part in Generation 2 where something have changed. Now we have a series of conversation between people where we trade items to finally have access to the Jet Scooter. There was also a broken bridge to prevent you from accessing the town where you get Kain before you triggered the flag. After a few trades, Motavian at the dump site started saying different things, so tonight, I think I'll finally get the jet scooter, which also mean Shir, which also mean the Visiphone finally. After that it's off to get the leaves, to reach Climatrol and finally see NeiFirst!!! I'm eager to reach that point

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 13, '10, 10:39 am 
Can I ask here to any experient PSG:2 player what changes in the storyline, as I'm gonna play it as of today, since I finally finished PSG:1, and wouldn't like to get stuck as I advance...

No need for spoilers, just playthrough tips.

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 13, '10, 11:59 am 
All I can say right now is that you need to do a LOT of steps now to get the jet scooter. Except for that, everything is the same for now (of course I'm just in the place where I get the leaves, so its still a long way)

PostPosted: Tue Jul 13, '10, 1:36 pm 
Sorry xellos, but can you be more explicit if that info? There's no guide for PSG:2, so I may make good use of all infos I may get.

PostPosted: Wed Jul 14, '10, 2:30 am 
I can't really be more specific myself, as I was doing it by trial and error. But anyway, it all starts in Zema. After you saw the bridge to Kueri destroyed and/or explored the dump site at least once talking to everyone, an old man in Zema will give you an item. The bridge to Kueri will then be fixed. You give this to a girl there, who will give you something else, you continue talking to everyone (Motavian included) between these two towns and the dump site, and at one point, a Motavian in Kueri should give you something so that the Motavians in the dump site will start talking differently to you. You need to talk to the last one in the back entrance of the dump (there's a front and back entrance), he will have a "portait" to show you he's different. At that point, you go back to Zema. Another old man will be selling you something for 10000 Meseta. You buy it, go back to the dump site by the front entrance. You need to talk to a Motavian at the end of this maze. Along the way, you meet others Motavians, one of them will trade against your will your item for another which I don't know its use. If you do that, you must go back to Zema and buy another of this 10000 meseta item. Once you reach the last room of the front entrance, talk to the bottom-right motavian, he will take your item, and when you go outside, the Jet-scooter will be there.

That's what I remember, some steps may not be exactly 100% right, but the overall idea is to always talk to everyone in Zema, Kueri and the Dump Site until something trigger, and then rinse and repeat.

In the original, you just needed to talk to the right Motavian, and the jet scooter was waiting you outside, simple as that.

EDIT: Just finished Climatrol and beat Neifirst...My own Nei was level 66 when I reached her. I was able to easily own her...BUT at one point she healed herself 1261 HP!!! So I decided that it was not worth trying to continue to beat her. Let my Nei died, then beat her with Rolf, which was LV34 at that point.

It took me 17 hours of grinding, turning in circles and getting lost to get there. Considering that the original remake took me 24 hours to get everyone to LV100, it's really back to the hard PSII times. The obligatory grinding is something I was not missing in my RPG experiences, but it feels so good when you finally manage to go forward in the game. Next stop, the 4 cards and then the Dams

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 14, '10, 3:58 pm 
Thanks xellos, I hope this may come in handy when I get to that point.
And I see this game really calls for tough grinding... Which I hate, since I'm a lousy player and I only play to see the storyline's progression...

Also, this being outside this topic's point, what I really wanted now was that PS4 Remake were to become a reality.
Then, whether for PS2 or PSP, they could release a compilation of those 3 Generation Games and add them a few extras, derived from Phantasy Star Complete Collection, like Save States anywhere in the game, Soundtrack and Artworks in the extra options of each game, you know...
Also, for PSG:1 and PS4 Remake they could insert the original games, just like they did in PSG:2.

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 14, '10, 5:53 pm 
For a remake of PSIV to come out, Sega would have to care again about their classic series....which will surely not happen in a long time. The Phantasy Star Complete Collection was like to me another way to say "There, here's all your classic series on 1 disc. So now just shut up and jump into the MMO Hack-And-Slash wagon".

Multiplayer Online Action RPG with basic storyline and full of repetition = Easy cash, since people are competitive and like to grind and hunt rare to show off

Single Player story driven RPG = only cattle to the hardcore nowaday, except if you call yourself Final Fantasy.

The chance of seeing a Phantasy Star V, a TRUE Phantasy Star 0 or even a remake of Phantasy Star IV are close to zero. Just look at us, count how many community dedicated to the original saga stills exists??? Compare that to Online and Universe community...Even if it's sad, it's an hopeless battle

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 14, '10, 6:00 pm 
Yeah, it may be, and it really is bending that damned way... But I'll never lose hope.
In a month or two, if I manage to finish PSG:2 and no news come out, I may forget about all of this, but then, one day, out of nowhere, my memories of these two games may come on top again and my hope may be renewed, even if for only a short while... That's how I am...

Stuff about a TRUE Phantasy Star 0 or a Phantasy Star 5, sorry but I don't care much about it.

BTW, is there no one here capable of cracking PSG:1&2, get all the stuff they have inside and release it on the net?
I think I made this kind of question somewhere before, but it doesn't matter.

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 14, '10, 6:15 pm 
And you see, I would care more about a TRUE 0 (before Lashiec) or 5 (with the pitched idea about if the Profound Darkness was really evil, and what about the Great Light???) or any side stories hapenning during the 4 main games (like what was happening on Parma before its destruction. There's note of a fight there in the compendium with the descendant of Orakio and Laia against an "evil" being). Anything that would make the Phantasy Star Lore richer. While a PSIV remake would be really cool, like we said a lot in the pasts, unlike PSI and PSII, this games aged really well, even for today generation of gamers. PSIII deserves a remake way more than IV...

The previous remake were budget titles, and to make PSIV better than it already is, it would have to be something else than a budget title, and with Sega, this have even less chance of happening.

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