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PostPosted: Mon Feb 7, '11, 10:58 pm 
X ▲ □ O ▲□ O X X

I read these symbols mixed in w/all the japanese lettering... anyone know what that townsperson was trying to tell me?

PostPosted: Tue Feb 8, '11, 1:14 am 
It's a button combination on the PlayStation 2 controller. IIRC, there is a similar combination shown in one of the other Sega Ages 2500 titles. I don't know if it has any special significance. If it does, no one has ever figured out what, to my knowledge.

PostPosted: Fri May 17, '13, 10:23 pm 
Hiya guys, im late to the party on this one i know, but i need a pointer, im stuck on uzo and Eusis doesnt want too pick the tree's leaves. Ive talked to everyone in town but nothing changes, can anyone point me in the right direction?

PostPosted: Fri May 24, '13, 6:56 pm 
Anna: Rolf, come on. Pick the damn leaves.
Rolf: I don't want to. The tree's pretty.
Nei: I know! Look at all the pretty flowers! They look like morning glory ^_^
Anna: That's what you said about the last tree, Nei. >_<
Nei: No, silly Anna! I said that tree looked like wisteria leaves. ^_^
Rolf: You know, when the local wildlife's not trying to kill us, Uzo Island's a pretty beautiful place.
Shir: They should build a tourist resort here someday! XD
Amy: ...I think the biomonsters might cut into the resort's profits, Shir.
Anna: Look, can we not talk about turning this desolate hellhole island into a vacation spot and get these maruera leaves so we can get the hell off this island?
Rolf: No. I wanna stay a bit longer. The tree's pretty, Anna.
Anna: So were the last four damn trees! "They look like wisteria! Or lavender! Or cherry blossoms!"
Amy: Well, they do look beautiful when they bloom... (picks some flowers from the tree)
Anna: (sigh) Hugh, you're the botanist. Tell these slackers to pick the damn leaves so we can get going.
Hugh: (is getting eaten by a Head Rot)

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