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PostPosted: Mon Feb 9, '09, 4:32 pm 
The knock on Rolf's door heralds the rival of Amy, a doctor from a town recently attacked by bio-monsters. She comes to join Rolf's quest to discover the secret origins of the monster outbreaks. Her skills as a healer will be vital to the cause.

Thanks to Kaloes for submitting this image.


You may view the gallery page for Meet Amy.

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 9, '09, 5:25 pm 
Rolf: (confused) Doctors make house calls these days?
Amy: Not too many do anymore, Agent Eushys-
Rolf: Just Rolf. I get enough of that Agent Eushys stuff at work.
Amy: Very well, Rolf. Not many doctors make house calls, but I do whatever I can to help my patients! (starry eyes)
Rudo: (peeks over Rolf's shoulder) Huh. I don't remember ordering you a strippergram, Rolf.
Rolf: Wait, what?!
Amy: (nervous blush)
Rudo: And if I did, I would've gotten you a green-haired girl, not a redhead. But, she's cute too-

(five seconds later)

Rudo: x_X
Amy: (tucks Windblade Staff and Freezing Staff under her cape) As you can see, Rolf, not only am I skilled in the healing arts, I'm also quite capable of holding my own in a fight.
Nei: Wow, that was so! Awesome! Rolf, please say Miss Amy can come with us! Canshecanshecanshe?!
Rudo: I say she comes with us... owwwww.
Rolf: Well, a fourth person coming with us to the Biosystems Lab wouldn't hurt... All right, Amy.
Amy: Thank you, Rolf! I'll do my best!

PostPosted: Sun May 6, '18, 10:51 pm 
Bumping up this former Image Of The Day!

Doctor Amy!

PostPosted: Mon May 7, '18, 11:07 am 
Anne/Amy is great in this picture ! I want to be ill and have a doctor like her ! :)

PostPosted: Sun Aug 20, '23, 3:07 pm 
Healer Amy!

PostPosted: Mon Aug 21, '23, 12:07 pm 
Amy seems to be in a great light ! ;)

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