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PostPosted: Fri Aug 10, '12, 12:12 am 
While Alis and Odin were shocked and dismayed by Lutz's method of introducing himself to their group, Myau has a more subdued reaction. The Musk Cat looks exasperated, as if he is silently wondering how he got mixed up with such a strange crew of humans. This is still only the beginning of their journey together, so the poor feline had best get used to the quirks of this motley crew.

PostPosted: Mon Jan 14, '13, 9:06 pm 
Nice artwork : at first sight, I was thinking about Myau with a teardrop due to their encounter with Dr Mad :(
Could have been the cause of this tear but Myau is sure to be in a motley crue, but which will soon be known as a legendary crew ! :fiery:

PostPosted: Mon Feb 4, '13, 3:01 am 
Yeah, it does look like a tear drop and like myau is crying. Aw, poor little musk kitty!!

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 4, '13, 11:18 am 
Poor Myau ! :( But if someone wants to hug him/her (in fact : is Myau a male or a female ?! Hard to tell only with the name !) I'm a candidate ! :)

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