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PostPosted: Sun Aug 9, '09, 12:05 am 
This is the scene just after the scene labeled "Cold as Stone" in the Phantasy Star generation:1 image galleries. In this game, many of the cutscene transitions are animated. For this particular scene, each of the three pieces here is overlapped onto "Cold as Stone" in a different way. Alis' section appears first. Notice she has the bottle of Alshline now, with the cap removed so she can pour some of it onto the petrified Odin. Following that, Odin's section of this scene slides in the from the left side of the screen as his first lines are spoken. Finally, Myau's piece slides up from below, revealing a very happy cat.


You may view the gallery page for Odin Revived.

PostPosted: Mon Aug 10, '09, 5:35 am 
Alisa: (still holding the Alshline bottle) So, who's thirsty? ^_^
Myau: I am! I am!
Tairon: Hey, uh, thanks for the rescue and all. I'm just wondering- is leather armor supposed to cling to your body like that?
Alisa: ...
Myau: ...
Alisa: Really, is this going to be the first "Alisa's hot" joke I have to hear on this journey?
Myau: Prolly.
Tairon: So, this journey of yours, Alisa- what's it all about?
Alisa: (eyes go blood red, and her smile disappears) VENGEANCE
Myau and Tairon: (sweatdrop)
Alisa: (face goes back to normal) Err... I mean... (sweatdrop) traveling all over Algo. ^_^x

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