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Odin Portrait: Serious

Odin Portrait: Serious

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 9, '12, 12:08 am 
Odin's standard portrait, displayed for much of his dialogue, shows a man with a rather serious attitude. The corners of his mouth are turned down in the beginnings of a frown. His brow is also lowered slightly, indicating that his full attention is on whatever is in front of him. These are probably good traits for a warrior who is hunting the legendary monster, Medusa.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 9, '12, 10:05 pm 
And who is going to be turned to stone..maybe it's why the corners of his mouth is like that ? He knows what is going to happen...

PostPosted: Mon Jul 9, '12, 11:29 pm 
Alisa: Soooooo.... do you like twintails, Odin?
Myau: Oh, God, no! Don't let her get started on this again, Odin! She was going on and on about having her hair in twintails the entire flight back to Palma! If I have to hear it one more time I'm gonna claw out my ears! >_<
Odin: Don't be so drastic, Myau. I mean, she's young. Let her talk about the latest hairstyles.
Alisa: (didn't even hear Odin or Myau, and was talking the entire time) -ails are totally awesome! I wish I could get my hair longer, though, because I really wanna get some Sailor Moon hair. It looks like a pain in the butt to do those hair buns, though. Maybe I can be like "Hey, Suelo! Can you give me Sailor Moon hair?! XD"
Odin: .....She's serious?
Myau: About killing LaShiec? 'Fraid so.
Alisa: (still going on) -friends from school can get their hair done like the others, so we can cosplay as Sailor Guardians!
Odin: What the hell is she going on about?
Myau: I dunno, but it's making me wish Medusa petrified me, too.

PostPosted: Tue Jul 10, '12, 2:51 am 
Excellent Snorb!!! That last line was hilarious!!! :lol: :rofl: :clap:

Oh, and about the Odin image up above...what is that white stuff on his looks like he crying???

PostPosted: Tue Jul 10, '12, 1:20 pm 
The last line is TERRIBLE !!! Bravo !:)
No not tears but only a white reflect to me ^^

PostPosted: Tue Jul 10, '12, 4:31 pm 
:lol: At Alis and her twintails.

Yeah, the white parts are just light reflecting off his skin. Hm. Maybe getting turned to stone left his skin in with a polished state?

PostPosted: Tue Jul 10, '12, 10:07 pm 
LOL about the polished state ^^

PostPosted: Wed Jul 11, '12, 3:07 pm 
Oh okay, I guess I can see it that way if I look close enough. It still looks weird he forgot to put makeup on that one spot or something, lol.

PostPosted: Wed Jul 11, '12, 10:50 pm 
Odin putting makeup ? Ah ! A future text for Snorb I presume !! ;)

PostPosted: Thu Jul 12, '12, 3:26 am 

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