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Odin Portrait: Angry

Odin Portrait: Angry

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 23, '12, 12:39 am 
When he gets angered by someone, Odin grits his teeth and lowers his even further than when he is in a serious mood. This more intense expression conveys his unhappiness quite clearly. Feel pity for whoever raised the man's ire. Remember friends, it is never a good idea to tick off a man carrying an axe or sword that is taller than some people!

PostPosted: Mon Jul 23, '12, 12:26 pm 
An angry tall man with a gigantic need to bother him ! :)

PostPosted: Wed Feb 23, '22, 6:17 pm 
Bumping up this former image of the day!

Odin is angry at someone or something! Don't get on his bad side, lol.

PostPosted: Thu Feb 24, '22, 12:58 pm 
Don't try to mess with him ! :o :fiery:

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