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PostPosted: Sun Aug 16, '09, 12:07 am 
After reading the governor's letter, Lutz has decided to join with Alis, Myau, and Odin in their struggle to overthrow Lashiec. In this scene, which is an overlaid on one of the trio's arrival in Lutz's study, he tightly grasps his white mantle. Many scenes in Phantasy Star generation:1 use this overlay affect to mimic some of the dynamics of the cutscene displays pioneered in Phantasy Star IV. In most cases, it works very well. There are a few like this where it does not have quite the same impact, however. We should be focused on the Lutz's hand, but it is very easy to get distracted by the larger background scene.


You may view the gallery page for Taking the Robe.

PostPosted: Sun Aug 16, '09, 5:42 am 
Alisa: Oh, Gods, is he getting naked?! I don't want to see this, guys!
Tairon: Relax, willya? It's in a cutaway panel, so we're not actually watching this.
Lutz: I assure you, attractive as you are, Miss Landale, I am only putting on my White Mantle.
Tairon: Hey, you know, Alisa always changed her armor in the shops...
Myau: Think she was putting a show on for the shop guys?
Alisa: ... (red as a tomato)
Tairon: And she wanted to model it for that Nekishe guy, too...
Lutz: I see. Very interesting.
Alisa: ...As soon as the programmers code axes into the game, I'm driving one through your skull, Tairon Tyler.
Myau: Not my fault you're hot.
Lutz: Now that is just *wrong*.

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