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Hapsby Portrait

Hapsby Portrait

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 6, '12, 12:02 am 
The robot pilot, Hapsby, returns with the rest of the cast in Phantasy Star generation 1. As with the original game, he has very few lines. He introduces himself when located and asks for a destination when the party boards their private spaceship, but that is about all. This portrait clearly resembles his original design. The sprite that appears on screen when the robot is discovered in a Bortevo trash heap is partially obscured, but looks to use an entirely different design. Perhaps the sprite designer didn't get the memo that Hapsby should be largely unchanged.

PostPosted: Wed Jun 6, '12, 12:29 am 

R2D2 had the same size, colours, glass circle-eye and legs (at least in the original version). It is also a pilot that repairs ships (& other vehicles) and was found as "used scrap" by the main protagonist. Maybe another Star Wars reference... who knows? It wouldn't be the first time.

PostPosted: Wed Jun 6, '12, 1:11 am 
I hadn't given that much thought before, but yeah, there are some similarities in the original design. It's less of a direct copy than the stormtroopers, but very similar! At least Hapsby does speak, rather than bleeping and blooping. :lol:

PostPosted: Wed Jun 6, '12, 5:36 am 
Haha awesome. Woulda been nice to see him or similar model robots return in other PS games. Just to get more of that robotic sci-fi feel.

PostPosted: Wed Jun 6, '12, 10:05 am 
Great ! Awesome ! The comparison is great ! After the stormtroopers/Robotcops "common points", another one, especially in the PSG1 remake :)
But in fact Hapsby's design in this game is great and very similar to hapsby in PSI.

PostPosted: Sat Feb 5, '22, 6:17 pm 
Bumping up this former image of the day!


PostPosted: Sun Feb 6, '22, 11:48 am 
The very nice Hapsby ! :)

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