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PostPosted: Mon Apr 2, '12, 12:03 am 
This young scientist, who shares a hairstyle with Odin, is found hanging out in an underground passage leading from the Palma spaceport to the run down village of Gothic. The walls of his room are decorated with posters and notes, seemingly depicting tourist destinations, views of space, and guns like those Odin can wield. When the party first finds the scientist, he soon sends them on their way. After Dr. Luveno is freed from a nearby prison, the doctor asks the party to recruit this man for aid. It turns out the main is Luveno's assistant in space vessel construction.

PostPosted: Mon Apr 2, '12, 9:31 am 
Unfortunately, we'll never know what is real name is...only Luveno's assistant : the poor guy ! But true that the first contact with him is a "hard one".

PostPosted: Tue Apr 3, '12, 2:59 pm 
Alisa: Odin, take off that smelly lab coat! We don't know where it's been!
Odin: I'm right behind you, Alisa. I don't know who that is over there.
Luveno's Real Assistant: Who the hell are you, and what are you doing in my cell? I'm doing important work. >_<
Alisa: Who the hell are YOU? >_<
Luveno's Real Assistant: I'm not being talked down to by some girl in twintails. Get lost and don't ever come back.
Alisa: Rude jerks are jerks. >_< (the group leaves)
Lutz: Err, Alisa? Wasn't that Doctor Luveno's assistant?
Alisa: I'm sure he was an impostor. His assistant's right here with us. ^_^
That Other Prisoner From Last Image: Yup. ^_^
Myau: Then why is he wearing a prison uniform instead of a lab coat?
That Other Prisoner: I got cold.
Alisa: How scientific. ^_^x
Odin: So you can help us make a spaceship?
That Other Prisoner: Indeed. I just need a few hundred Meseta to get the Legos for it-
Lutz: Why do you need Legos to make a spaceship?
That Other Prisoner: Heat shielding.
Alisa: Ooooooh. =D
Luveno's Real Assistant: That man knows NOTHING about spaceship construction! Any idiot knows you need ceramic and titanium in a honeycomb lattice, composited with Mahlay steel to make a heat shield strong enough to survive atmospheric reentry!
Alisa: Blah blah blah, you don't know anything about anything, you lying liar in Triada.
Luveno's Real Assistant: Ask him what V stands for in the Tsiolkovsky equation!
That Other Prisoner: "Vrooom."
Alisa: See? He knows his stuff. Bye bye, faker. >_<

PostPosted: Tue Apr 3, '12, 9:28 pm 
lol what an imagination ! ;)

PostPosted: Wed Apr 4, '12, 3:57 am 
:rofl: Lego heat shielding! Oh Snorb, you kill me!

PostPosted: Wed Apr 4, '12, 8:34 am 
The LEGO use is a geniuos one ! Well done, mate :) How about Playmobil ? lol ^^

PostPosted: Tue Jan 4, '22, 4:37 pm 
Bumping up this former image of the day.

Luveno's assistant! Great post above by Snorb !

PostPosted: Fri Jan 7, '22, 12:08 pm 
The very nice assistant and joyful as always ! :)

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