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Drasgow Worker

Drasgow Worker

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 6, '12, 12:03 am 
On the oceans of Palma, a small town called Drasgow sits on a lonely island. In the town, there is an underground area. The purpose of the area is unclear - perhaps it is a sewer, a mine, or the beginnings of a secret installation like a laboratory or military base. Whatever the case, there are a few people down below the streets. This hard working fellow is encountered shortly after entering the area. Another just like him waits on a dead end passage. Is giant hammer they carry so easily merely a tool for expanding the complex? That blade on the top certainly looks to make a formidable weapon which might be employed if the few monsters roaming the halls bother them.

PostPosted: Fri Apr 6, '12, 11:09 am 
As it seems to be a worker, yes maybe that's an underground sort of factory ?
And is the guy present at the dead end joking like the character in the original version ? (about the shortcake !!;))

PostPosted: Sat Apr 7, '12, 2:59 am 
I'm not sure. That guy is still there, but I don't remember what he says off hand. I would have to load the game up again and see.

PostPosted: Sat Apr 7, '12, 10:40 am 
ok ! I remember so much this famous guy that is at the dead end and tell you..I can't remember exactly ! : I just started to see the PS complete dialog on the Phantasy Star Pages : and here : nothing about this man ! And I'm sure there is someone who tell you something and add something like "I'm joking" : I'm sure about it at 100 % !
I've printed these dialogues some years ago and put a pen note : "joke ?"
But I can see it in the dialogue of the PS japanese english retranslation I downloaded on the Naflign's Ego site (unfortunately offline now...) : it says : " koko wa aitemu shoppu desu. Donna goyou deshou.Na-n chatte. Karakatte gomen. Kanben shi_tte cho/This is an item shop. What can I do for you ?Ha ha ! Sorry, just kidding ! Please forgive me."

but I have kept the file and printed it some years ago. If someone is interested (but I'll try to find it back ! I believe that on Phantasy Star Cave there is someone who have uploaded the old Naflign's Ego site but I'm not sure !!) : to be continued ! :)

PostPosted: Sat Apr 7, '12, 4:01 pm 
Yes, I've also noticed a few people in the dungeons are lacking from that script on the PS Pages. The guy in the Bortevo tunnel isn't mentioned for one. All the really important dialogue like cutscenes is included, so it is still a great reference. It just doesn't quite live up to the title of "Complete" after all.

PostPosted: Sat Apr 7, '12, 7:26 pm 
But I didn't notice about the Bortevo guy ! There is someone in the Bortevo:Loar cave ? I can't remember that ! lol
Maybe it'll be a good thing to tell them about it ? Do you know if the webmaster of the site is always "on board" ? Yep, agree about the great reference ! But maybe greater with all the dialogues line.

PostPosted: Sun Apr 8, '12, 2:46 am 
Yeah, there's a guy in one dead end of the cave who mentions where you can buy the item needed to get Hapsby. I only noticed he was missing from the PS Pages' script because I was looking into how that encounter was changed in Generation 1.

The PS Pages site hasn't had an update listed since September 2007, so I don't know the status of the webmaster there. You could try reaching out to him and mentioning that there are a couple of characters missing, but I don't know if he would update the script.

PostPosted: Sun Apr 8, '12, 9:50 am 
Ok, checked ! I'll try to do that asap, maybe today if I got enough time on my hands !
Since september 2007 ? ouch...maybe the webmaster will not answer me but I'll try anyway. And maybe the script can't be updated ?
Ah about the Polymeteral ! Interesting job to see the differences between the two scriprts and interesting to point out the different errors which can have been made on all those fantastic sites ! That's a great improving way.

PostPosted: Wed Jan 5, '22, 10:58 pm 
Bumping up this former image of the day.

A worker in Drasgow.

PostPosted: Thu Jan 6, '22, 12:31 pm 
A worker or a "Joker" ? ;) :rofl:

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