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PostPosted: Fri Apr 19, '13, 4:07 am 
Thanks, I'll probably need it. I forgot to mention, I'll be doing Hell or Purgatory on PSIV as well. I've played and replayed the games so many times that I want it to be at least a little different. Bring back some of the mystery, exploration and figuring out items and techs. Hopefully achieve some of the original feeling on my first playthroughs as a kid. Probably not, but at least it's something "new".

PostPosted: Fri Apr 19, '13, 11:01 pm 
I understand about the feeling ! :) Something new...and maybe someone I'll try this new things too :)
I've tested Purgatory with PSIV ansd It's VERY VERY hard : good luck too !

PostPosted: Sat Nov 15, '14, 3:08 am 

Neither part sand, sandworm, nor a acknowledged fly species for that matter.,_New_York
No relation. but interesting. about 20 miles from my childhood hood. ... ,_New_York
And stranger yet. Almost as far as Batavia, see below. ... ,_New_York
even stranger. about 40 miles from said hood. ... ,_New_York
Main hub of western erie canal. Lockport, is, named after the central Dam lock which controls the water flow and prevent the lake from flooding. Not sure which keycard color is needed.

yeah so, art imitates life, or life imitating art?

 Post subject: Re: PS FUN FACTS
PostPosted: Sat May 2, '15, 12:51 am 
MMXPERT wrote:I made a vid of a new one :D

It says the video doesn't exist for me :(

 Post subject: Re: PS FUN FACTS
PostPosted: Sun Feb 26, '17, 12:27 pm 
Scootaloo wrote:
MMXPERT wrote:I made a vid of a new one :D

It says the video doesn't exist for me :(

For me neither ! Unfortunately, as I can't remember what was this video ! :(
As I can't see my own pictures ! All the first messages I posted were from my camera like I spoke about before but can't seen them now ! I'll try to fix it and post them anew in some days (I'm not at my home today).

ZIO_FLZ : Thanks for the links, they are great !
I've too a great link (I think !).

My girlfriend is from Romania, and there is a town there which name is "Baia Mare" !
The link to Baya Malay is evident as the pronounciation is quasi the same ! :o
Here is a link !

PostPosted: Tue May 2, '17, 12:36 pm 
Hello to all the Fringers here !
I'm back with an other fun fact !
It's tied to a video I've found on youtube and here it is !
Look at the end : around 3'12" ! Me too, I didn't know that this chest could have been traped ! :o

PostPosted: Thu May 4, '17, 6:17 am 
Alisa: I've been to this abandoned warehouse thousands of times! There's no random monsters, there's no secret passages or breakaway floors, Nero! Trust me! It's safe here! ^_^
Nero's Ghost: ...Is that treasure chest ticking?
Alisa: Maybe it's just one of those creepy creeper plushies in there. ^_^ (pops the treasure box open)
Alisa: D: .......ouch.
Nero's Ghost: Oh, wow. That looked really painful. You good to go?
Alisa: ....yeah. D:
Nero's Ghost: You want me to get some cola or have Suelo run down and cast Heal on you?
Alisa: im good. D: (faceplant)

Alisa's will cannot overcome the forces of LaShiec. This adventure is over.

LaShiec: What?! I didn't even know she was supposed to fight me in the first place, and she's dead?! What kind of stupid game over screen is that!?

PostPosted: Thu May 4, '17, 1:40 pm 
SNORB : :rofl: Too funny ! Bravo ! :rofl:

PostPosted: Sun Nov 12, '17, 1:47 am 
Wow, that would really be a downer. But it's exactly the kind of thing we should expect from games of that era, isn't it? They didn't hold back on the difficulty in those days, so a killer trap in the monster free dungeon could really happen.

PostPosted: Sun Nov 12, '17, 1:37 pm 
Me, it has never happened ! This Treasure chest has never exploded ! But you're right : more difficult games in ancient eras of old Video games... :)

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