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PostPosted: Wed Jul 30, '08, 4:02 am 
My favourite is Rika she's cute and really awesome in all factors of gameplay :D

My least favourite would be Kain

PostPosted: Mon Apr 23, '12, 11:54 pm 
Guys, this is a tough question. I don't really dislike any PS-Hero.

PS I: Lutz / Noah
PS II: Anna
PS III: Rhys
PS IV: Raja

Least Favorite:
PS I: Odin (Sorry, I had to decide :( Still like him)
PS II: Shir (Lovely, still. Pardon me.)
PS III: Adan (the only one I really don't like much although I like Gwyn)
PS IV: Demi (that was a hard choise, too.)

PostPosted: Tue Apr 24, '12, 12:14 am 
Alis Landale will always be my all-time favorite video game character. She rules.

I don't really know who my least favorite character is. Hugh is useless, but you can leave him at home. PSIII's Ryan always sort of bugged me. Kind of a wasted character, and he just seemed so out of place with the rest of the characters.

Special mention for the "least favorite" award goes to PSO's Mome. I agree with whoever once said that if there was way to hack the game so you could kill that whiny pest yourself, it would be worth it. I'd totally do it.

PostPosted: Tue Apr 24, '12, 10:43 am 
Interesting question ! My favourite character is, as you may guess, Myau !! And Alisa is just after him !
Myau is a character that is out of reach because (FFVII and cait sith didn't have invented a furry partner ;))

The least favourite character ? Hmm maybe there isn't really a character I dislike.. maybe, like many people (maybe), Hugh and Kain ? But I don't really dislike them so... ;)
ALL the characters in PS are great because they are in the BEST SERIE ever created as a RPG !

EDIT : I'll give a list of characters per PS later : just after the egg chase will be over :)

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 9, '13, 3:13 pm 
Bumping this topic up and reviving it again since it's been awhile since it was discussed and we may have some new or different viewpoints after all this time.

So, who is/are your favorite/least favorite Phantasy Star character(s), and why do you feel that way about them?

As for me, I'd have to say favorite character would be Myau as I love kitties, but least favorite....hmmm, that requires a bit more thinking so will respond later with that choice. :wink:

PostPosted: Sun May 5, '13, 6:18 pm 
Well, let's give it a go.


Fave: Alis Landale for being the switcheroo main character of an RPG. I appreciate the whole thing more now because I recognize that Nero has a very typical "hero character" design, but he's the one who actually gets beaten to death, and sis goes out for revenge, and inversion of the usual.

Not-Fave: You're not fooling anyone, Dr. Mad.


Fave: Rolf "The best key is a bomb" Landale. Even though he only has half an idea of what's actually going on at any given moment, and the fact that his victories would make Pyrrhus proud, 10% is pretty good, all things considered. Runner up is the Motavian Commander, who had enough brains to get things rolling in the first place.

Not Fave: Nei- not that I have anything personal against her in particular, but rather she's part of a character type that I generally detest- that of a character who's role seems to be "have a tragic backstory, then die when happiness starts to happen for EXTRA TRAGIC." It's a big pile of wasted potential for a character that could have been so much more important and meaningful in the context of PS II's sci-fi setting.


Fave: Lyle. The guy's a jerk, but the guy engineered the successful invasion of another country through playing on Rhys's hormones. Also, staves do not mean "wizard", they mean "I'm going to beat you to death with staves".

Not-Fave: Lune- dude, the war is over, and you don't even have the excuse of being a robot like the other guy.


Fave: This was an incredibly hard choice, so I had to tie it up with Rika and 4-Wren. While 4-Wren's more rigid and (for lack of a better word) mechanical demeanor is a fine contrast to the more dynamic Demi, he does well enough on his own because he is the last living remnant of the old world and acts the part, especially when he has to put down Daughter. As for Rika, there are a few bajillion ways in which she could have been done wrong which were mostly avoided- naive does not have to mean stupid, after all.

(Runner up is Raja, because once you get past the jokes, you realize that every hunch he had was absolutely true.)

Not-Fave: Gryz. Unfortunately, this was another bit of wasted potential- this is the first time you had a native Motavian on the team and the best character arc they could think up for him was a generic revenge plot they could've applied to anyone.


Fave: Lutz/Rune- The man who vowed to carry on the fight no matter how long it took. He's a little arrogant in I, but in II he's far more amiable, but by the time IV rolls around, the years have actually started to wear on him, and he's far more jaded and cranky than h was in his other incarnations- up until it becomes apparent that it's possible to bring an end to the cycle of battle against the dark, where he once again becomes his more friendly self from PS II.

Not fave: Well, I'm coming up stumped. I'll have to get back to you on that.

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