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PostPosted: Tue Jan 8, '08, 5:13 am 
I like aron, he has a cool outfit and hair. Plus he lived on the moon! How cool is that!

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 8, '08, 6:07 am 
SparkyIII wrote:I like aron, he has a cool outfit and hair. Plus he lived on the moon! How cool is that!
I always thought he had one of the more interesting designs out of the main characters. That, and he's kawaii to the extreme~ ^o^

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 9, '08, 8:20 pm 
Let's see, per game I would call these my favorites:

PSI: Myau
PSII: Anna
PSIV: Rika or Alys, I can't decide

Least favorites would be these:
PSI: Dr. Mad, the cat killer. ;)
PSII: Darum
PSIII: Rulakir
PSIV: Zio, but in this case I dislike him because he was a good villain. So really, it's sort of a compliment toward being a good character.

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 11, '08, 8:28 pm 

Least Favorite: Nei. Really. It's such a relief to get her out of the party.

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 30, '08, 11:14 pm 
My favorite character if Rolf And Anna.Why???,They powerful.
Least character is Chaz.Why???He destroys profound darkness.

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 1, '08, 7:52 pm 

PS I: Myau
PS II: Anna
PS III: Nial, Mieu, Wren
PS IV: Rune (surprised!?) Rika, and Raja

Least Faves:

PS I: That jerk assistant to Dr. Luveno ("I'm busy. Don't bother me." Pffft) and Dr. Mad
PS II: Hugh, Nei first
PS III: Ayn (what can I say, I'm a Nial fan)
PS IV: Gryz, Kyra *flees!*

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 2, '08, 8:16 am 
Oh I never answered in this thread. BAD! Well here it goes:

PSI: Alis; not sure why, but her character got to me the most. Probably because I spent some time with her alone (OK, that sounds just wrong) at the beginning of the game. She's the only character that you play with alone and I did so for a while since I walked around and leveled a lot in my first PS run. Also because I couldn't get passed those guards until I found the Roadpass by chance (being annoying and persistent actually seems to be a good character trait, too bad it doesn't work that well in real life). Hapbsy is a close second, I just liked his short and factual comments "We are at Gothic, please choose a destination".

PSII: Nei; you probably guessed already. I was sooooo sad when she died :(

PSIII: I never really enjoyed PSIII that much, thought I intent to finish it with at least one Generation 3. Can't really pick a favourite. If I had to (because the forum users put a gun to my head and told me to) I'd pick Miun. Her character was tragic, wandering in the desert for a thousand years waiting for her master to return.

PSIV: I think Kyra is my favourite here. I liked her impulsive behaviour and her desire to help the world. I really found it a disappointment she only stays with you a relative short time. Alys is a close second, I liked her * hunter mentality.

Least favourites:
PSI: This is tough, I liked most characters in the game, even Lassic. When I first played the game he still was this tragic king that had the best in mind for his people but ultimately got corrupted because he was afraid of death, something inherent to must humans I guess. I didn't like the retcon on him where it now appears that he actively sought out PD/DF to gain power. I liked him more as the benevolent king who was seduced by others, preying on his fear of death. I guess I didn't care that much for the assistant since he was pretty useless in the game and indeed rude. You go get him, then has no further use in the game. Of course the same thing could be said for Dr. Luveno but you have to visit him multiple times and he seems to be a likable mad scientist type, bit like the Doc from Back to the Future.

PSII: Neifirst; she killed Nei :(

PSIII: While I didn't like the game and not particularly liked any of the characters, I also can't form a particular dislike for any of the characters, probably because I haven't played it that much. Put a gun to my head? I guess it might be Rhys. I'm not sure, I found him a bit annoying, wanting to condemn his people to war because of a woman.

PSIV: I think this has to be Chaz; up to this day I wished Alys had jumped and missed and Chaz would have been struck by the Black Energy Wave. He was annoying (as was Rune, but Rune is *) and needed much pushing into the right direction before he finally takes it up upon himself to do what is right. Maybe he may be better than Alys, who started her campaign from a point of vengeance, in that aspect, but I don't know...he seemed to whiny. I just couldn't attach to the character. Gryz is a close follow up. He didn't seem to fit in that much. I thought he wasn't much more as a token Motavian because they had to represent minorities. Same could be said for Raja, but I found him to be more fleshed out with his consistent bad jokes and relations to other Dezorians (he was known by a few).

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 3, '08, 12:52 pm 
Most liked:

PSI: Well, I guess it's Alis.

PSII: Certainly Nei. I just like her character and story!

PSIV: Rika, she's got a good personality.

Drama CD: Nei. Well, you know why.

Most disliked:

PSI: No one in particular. Probably the guards for not letting one through! xD

PSII: The Earthmen. Very, very evil, lol.

PSIV: Also no one in particular.

Drama CD: The Dome computer (don't remember what it was called), because it continued making Nei models for bad purposes.

Well, I actually have had no time to play through the games yet, but I'm informing myself through the net. I gotta get time to play them some time. Also I know almost nothing about PSIII.

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 14, '08, 5:52 pm 
rune is my favorite character by far. i've said it before, but the unveiling of lutz in psiv is one of the most impressive aspects, to me, in the story.

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 15, '08, 5:45 am 
PS I: Alis
PS II: Anna and Nei
PS III: Mieu
PS IV: Rika and Alys

Least Favorite:
PS I: Odin
PS II:Hugh
PS III: Lena
PS IV: Gryz

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