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PostPosted: Mon Nov 21, '11, 9:50 pm 
Sega of Japan has launched a new browser based game inspired by the Phantasy Star Universe series today. It's called Phantasy Star: Eternal Planets. From the screenshots I've seen, it seems to be a card based game. Perhaps something like PS Online Episode III, but probably not at the same level of depth.

You can see a few screen shots of it at andriasang. The game itself is found at Yahoo Japan and requires a Yahoo Japan login to play. Everything - on the Yahoo site and in the game - looks to be in Japanese, which is going to be a hindrance to most here who might be interested in it.

PostPosted: Thu Nov 24, '11, 1:08 pm 
Its like a turn based RPG, map and battle resemble classic series ;)
A gameplay video that I recorded yesterday:

Sorry my bad english!

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 26, '11, 10:25 pm 
Thanks for sharing that video with us! The game does look much more like the classic series that the few screen shots I saw led me to believe. I'm glad to see it is more familiar.

PostPosted: Sat Mar 3, '12, 11:35 pm 
Wow!! I want this in the US! I guess there will not likely be an emulation for it.

PostPosted: Sun Mar 4, '12, 11:52 am 
Never heard of this game before and so never saw a video : not too bad ! Card games doensn't bother me at all so...:) I'll follow this one.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 5, '12, 10:02 pm 
jessie wrote:Wow!! I want this in the US! I guess there will not likely be an emulation for it.

Yeah, that's the downside of browser games. :( We can hope for a US version, but emulation would be difficult unless someone can get the files the game uses. If it's just a Flash game, that might be possible, but I expect the game is more complex than that.

PostPosted: Tue Mar 6, '12, 2:40 pm 
Ah ! Not only an US version but also an European one !:) Need to be more patient I think...Not sure it is only a flash game...

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