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PostPosted: Fri Jun 10, '11, 12:00 am 
Some enemies in Phantasy Star - Deluxe Edition have drastic design changes from their original Phantasy Star versions. The Giant family - which includes Giants, Golems, and Titans - is one such group. In the Master System game, these muscular foes stood to their full, tall height while hissing with animalistic faces. Their attack animation was to extend a fist forward, punching at the player and party of heroes. In the redesign version, there are several changes. The face is more human in form, partly hidden in shadow to add some menace. Large, pointed ears are still present. Rather than punching, the new Giant reaches out with an open hand, attempting to grab Alis and her friends. This is also done while lowered to one knee, giving the impression of even greater height than the originals. Garbed in ragged clothing and now lacking shoes, they appear less interested in grooming.

Finally, the skin of the creature appears more reflective, almost like polished stone or metal. This makes sense when considering the internal reference name for this image: "talos." Talos is a reference to Greek mythology, which Phantasy Star and Phantasy Star - Deluxe Edition already draw on heavily. In the Greek myths, Talos is a giant man made of bronze.

PostPosted: Fri Mar 19, '21, 7:51 pm 
Bumping up this former Image Of The Day!

Phantasy Star Deluxe Edition Giant! Very colorful guy!

PostPosted: Tue Sep 21, '21, 3:36 pm 
This giant is a great version ! :)

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