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Twilight on Mota

Twilight on Mota

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 3, '11, 12:00 am 
The sky turns red as night begins to approach in a typical city on planet Motavia. This scene, set circa AW 1284 - or Phantasy Star II for the less calendar inclined - shows us a variety of culture not visible in the game itself. Part of the city is covered by a protective dome, while other skyscrapers stand outside that area. A highway allows travel throughout the city. Even the sky shows us more, with three moons, complete with crater shadows, hanging the heavens.

This artwork was used in a lot of books featuring Phantasy Star II, including the Japanese game manual, the English hintbook (printed in reverse), and Phantasy Star - Official Production Compendium. It may have also served as inspiration for the Phantasy Star Adventure cover art.

PostPosted: Sun Sep 4, '11, 12:51 pm 
We can clearly see here the big difference between the motavia in 1284 and the motavia in 2284!!!! Thats a great picture, I like it ^^

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