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PostPosted: Mon Sep 24, '12, 12:01 am 
Many fixtures of the Phantasy Star series where introduced in Phantasy Star II. One example is the Escapipe, an ocarina-based musical instrument that allows quick exit from long, maze-like dungeons. It replaces the Flute from the previous game, which was obtained about halfway through the quest, but could be used as often as desired. Escapipes are consumable, however, so they break after every use. That may not be too surprising, given the frail look of the device. These are clearly made using some of the advanced technology available in the Mother Brain era. In later games, Escapipe designs were much more bulky and unrefined.

PostPosted: Mon Sep 24, '12, 6:06 pm 
I don't recall if they really break or loose the Hinas power.

PostPosted: Fri Dec 28, '12, 4:39 pm 
It's really strange that those escapipes were only "one use" as, when we look at the drawing, hard to tell if the
Maybe the Sellers have thought : In the first game, there was the flute that was very useful ! Why not try to create the same sort of item but only usable once ? That could be a great way to make money!" ;)
But like Newsblade has said, maybe it's just a "simple" loss of the Hinas power that is surely contained in this escapipe.

PostPosted: Wed Mar 16, '22, 6:13 pm 
Bumping up this former image of the day!

The escapipe is a handy item but breakable!

PostPosted: Thu Mar 17, '22, 12:24 pm 
Breakable but very handy sometimes ! ;)

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