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PostPosted: Thu Sep 22, '11, 12:00 am 
When Phantasy Star IV was released, it was common for game manuals to provide a short introduction for each of the main characters players would encounter during the course of an adventure. This look at Raja was included with just such an introduction, although his section of the manual was very small. This art was also provided to gaming magazines that were promoting the title with previews and reviews.

For an unknown reason, this image was mirrored in the Phantasy Star Complete Collection galleries. For display here, it has been flipped to match the orientation used in the manual and game graphics.

PostPosted: Thu Sep 22, '11, 8:08 pm 
I also like the sacred-flame symbol on Raja's head. There's no much information about the sacred torch, only a legend that says: "One day, the flame of the Eclipse Torch will reduce all that is unclean to ashes."

I don't know how the eclipse torch is lit... from casting "Saint Fire"? Corrosion? From a piece of Algol Sun? From a regular fire blessed with prayers? Or from a being like Haunt/Specter/Phantom/Re-Faze/De-Vars/Sa-Lews/La-Roof(I wonder where his body is)? At least we know that a replica of the eclipse torch had "Phantom" inside it... Anyway, the symbol looks like a flame with two eyes, much like those from Phantom&co. "evil eye" technique.

The destruction of Palma occurred precisely on the day that the Algol, Palma and Dezoris were aligned. (Those three celestial bodies did that every 100 years). Dark Force won that battle, but at the same time a new hope occurred: the torch that could only be lit every time the eclipse happened (which was every 100 years), became miraculously lit forever (it has passed 1000 years since the last game and the fire never ceased).

Was that because it is still waiting for the conclusion of an eclipse that will never be completed? Was that because now many pieces of Palma are around the sun creating a pseudo-mini-eclipses all the time? (I mean: parma is always aligned between Algo and Dezo now) --- or was that because since the seal is broken "Darkness" is now surrounding Algol (like meta-physical eclipse)? We may never know...

Just another note: Musk Cats look just like the eclipse torches' sculptures (the object of their worship that are on Dezo towns). I also wonder if there's any relation somehow. The cats but specially their tails look like fire... and those sculptures.

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 1, '21, 10:04 pm 
Bumping up this former Image Of The Day!

A rather impressive look at Raja! He's cool!

PostPosted: Tue Aug 3, '21, 12:19 pm 
(Su) Raja is great ! And his jokes are....?? :rofl:

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