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PostPosted: Wed Oct 3, '12, 12:04 am 
In the English localization of Phantasy Star II, the weapons used by Nei were called Bars. The name might conjure an image of rounded stick weapons, like escrima or nightsticks. But in the original Japanese game, these weapons were something vastly different: a trio of razor sharp claws mounted on a glove-like device. The claw design appears much more deadly, especially in this depiction from the game manual. Each blade looks to be about three times the length of the back of the hand. Hitting a monster with a steel bar might hurt, but would probably have been a lot less lethal than slicing the same target up with a claw on each hand.

PostPosted: Wed Oct 3, '12, 11:03 am 
Ouch!! Those look painful!! Hate to be on the receiving end of those, lol.

In a way, they remind me of Wolvervine's weapons also.

PostPosted: Wed Oct 3, '12, 2:31 pm 
Amy: ......He's not coming out of the bathroom.
Hugh: (in the bathroom) ;_;
Amy: ......He says it's because using him to test all the weapons and armor hurt his feelings.
Shir: Pssssh, oh, please. We found out the Clone Lab does a bulk discount because of those tests! XD
Rudo: Look, Hugh, I know you're upset and all, but you're hiding in the one bathroom in Rolf's house that still works, and I need to use it. Either you're coming out of there and helping Nei test her claws, or I'm coming IN there and making you test her claws.
Hugh: All right... ;_;

PostPosted: Wed Oct 3, '12, 10:36 pm 
Since this is Nei's starting weapon... I wonder if there's a possibility of this "Steel Claw" being the "Animal claw" given to her in the adventure game prequel.

According to 'PSII: Nei's Adventure' the Animal Claw was the weapon that Myaw used. Paseo's Weapon Store owner restored the nails and modified the base to fit a human hand. I assumed it was the Saber Claw, but it could also be the Silver Tusk used by Rika in PSIV (or even both).

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 4, '12, 12:53 pm 
Interesting thing about the "animal claw" : I must play those text adventures at last !!:) Better late than never :)

PostPosted: Thu Oct 4, '12, 6:19 pm 
You definitely should. I just played this year and found they are much better than I first imagined.

PostPosted: Thu Oct 4, '12, 9:32 pm 
I've just started one of them some months ago But I can't remember which one exactly ! I'll try in a few minutes :)

PostPosted: Fri Oct 5, '12, 2:45 am 
lol, Snorb. :lol:

PostPosted: Sat Mar 12, '22, 5:35 pm 
Bumping up this former image of the day!

The claw!!

PostPosted: Mon Mar 14, '22, 6:48 pm 
A very nice steel claw ! :)

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