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PostPosted: Fri Feb 24, '12, 12:04 am 
After getting past the introductory title screen, we arrive at last to the main title screen. This one is clearly based on that of the original Master System game. Our heroine Alis once again floats on a field of stars to the right, while the game logo and starting options bring our eyes to the left. Even before beginning to play, the enhancements we can expect to see are foreshadowed by the addition of Alis' companions. All three are given larger roles in the adventure to come.

PostPosted: Fri Feb 24, '12, 10:12 pm 
Ah the second screen of the Phantasy Star generation 1 on PS2 ! So great title, the "artwork" is fantastic !

PostPosted: Sat Feb 25, '12, 12:23 am 
One of my favorite artwork for this game.

I especially am a bit curious to know what settings you used to capture this screenshot, if you are playing via emulation.

PostPosted: Sat Feb 25, '12, 5:23 am 
I am using emulation; PSCX2 0.9.8 to be precise. Older versions of PSCX2 run the game, but had very choppy graphics compared to this version. Of course, I've also got a better video card now than I used to have, which probably helps somewhat. ;)

I can't recall exactly which settings I've changed; I think I left most at the default values and concentrated on just the graphics plugin settings. I run the game at native PS2 resolution, which turns out to be 640x448. Interlacing is on "Weave bff" to clear up a lot of vertical screen shaking without blurring the pictures. This screen and most cutscenes we'll see are taken through the emulator's built in screenshot tool.

Now, that's for static screen shots. For sprites that change quickly, the emulator saves images too slowly and misses frames. To get sprites, I'm using a utility similar to Animget. Changing the Aspect Mode setting in the emulator to "Fit to Window/Screen" is important for that. I'll be posting battle animation sprite sheets made from screens captured this way at some point.

These settings don't work well for moving cutscenes (like the one that pans up Lutz's body); those turn out choppy. I think walking sprites might be choppy too, but I haven't tested capturing those yet. I need to try some alternative settings for those situations at some point, but my initial tests for the Lutz pan are not promising. :worried:

I think those are the important settings in the emulator, but there are lots of settings! If you have a specific question about another, I'll be happy to look at it and post what I'm using. :)

PostPosted: Sat Feb 25, '12, 9:58 am 
Thanks for all the precisions, Thoul : very interesting to have the characteristics of the emulators and all.

PostPosted: Tue Nov 30, '21, 10:31 pm 
Nice image.

PostPosted: Wed Dec 1, '21, 1:05 pm 
This main title is great here ! (as are al the main titles of course ! ;)). :fiery:

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