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Mieu Heals Rhys

Mieu Heals Rhys

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 13, '12, 12:03 am 
In a recent battle, Rhys took some severe punishment. His opponent raked the young prince's face with three sharp claws, injuring an eye. Bruising on the jaw and cheek suggest Rhys might have also been knocked to the ground once or twice. Fortunately, Mieu has powerful techniques that will soon have these wounds on the way to complete recovery. Without the help of the lady cyborg, the adventure would have been much more perilous.

Interestingly, another version of this illustration gives Rhys an additional injury in the form of a blackened eye.

PostPosted: Tue Feb 14, '12, 8:17 pm 
Very very nice picture : we can see on it the bond between those two characters, even if Mieu is "only" an android.

PostPosted: Thu Nov 25, '21, 6:46 pm 
Poor Rhys. Luckily he has Mieu to help him!

PostPosted: Fri Nov 26, '21, 12:44 pm 
A very nice help from a so cute Android ! :)

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