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PostPosted: Sun Oct 9, '11, 12:49 am 
When Phantasy Star IV was first released in 1993, the Internet as we know it today did not exist. The Netscape browser, precursor to today's famous Firefox, would not exist for another year. There were about 600 websites in total, with businesses having little to no presence yet. Governments were only beginning to take part. The concept of freely accessible online walkthroughs was not widespread, if it had even begun at all. In those days, most major video game companies provided a different means of seeking out help: phone service. Many a young gamer would call up Sega or Nintendo to ask for advice on clearing a particularly challenging area after getting stuck. This illustration of Chaz and Rika was used to advertise Sega's game help phone service near the end of the Phantasy Star IV game manual.

PostPosted: Sun Oct 9, '11, 4:54 am 
This image is cute and hilarious. I remember laughing at it a lot as a kid.

PostPosted: Wed Nov 2, '11, 5:54 am 
Aw, that is so cute. I bet the young gamers really liked this.

PostPosted: Sat Jun 3, '17, 6:50 pm 
Nice one here ! A bit different from the others, and that fact is great :) Rika and Chaz are connected ! ;)

PostPosted: Mon Jun 5, '17, 12:58 am 
This is so cute!

PostPosted: Mon Jun 5, '17, 3:40 pm 
Connected ? But maybe they are phoning other persons ? :rofl:

PostPosted: Fri Nov 11, '22, 5:40 am 
Chaz and Rika!

PostPosted: Fri Nov 11, '22, 12:07 pm 
Rudy and Fall are connected together ! ;)

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