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PostPosted: Wed Sep 19, '12, 12:01 am 
This healing medicine is quite different from the representation of the same item we saw for Phantasy Star IV some time ago. In the technologically advanced worlds of Phantasy Star II, medicines like this Monomate can easily be mass produced. This is a vial of liquid comes in a small dose, with some type of delivery apparatus attached. How do you think this is intended to be taken? The container almost looks like a nasal spray, but an ingested medicine might be be more effective. Or perhaps this version of monomate is meant for direct application to wounds?

PostPosted: Wed Sep 19, '12, 9:27 pm 
Hugh: Oh, thank God. After all the kicking and beating I've received over the last few weeks, I really could use some Monomate.
Amy: You could certainly use some. You're frailer than I am... (injects Hugh)
Shir: Hey, Amy! Don't use that Monomate injector! I'm playing a prank on Kain!
Amy: ...???
Hugh: ...?? D:
Shir: I switched the label on his muscle relaxants for a Monomate label.
Kain: Eeeeeeejavajavajavajavajavajava XD
Amy: Then... this would be.... oh, no! ;_;
Hugh: Arrr b'garrr drrgfffffff (falls over)
Shir: ........I'll pay for the new clone this time. =p

PostPosted: Sun Sep 23, '12, 11:15 am 
I think I have seen monomate being applied in different ways.

If I'm not mistaken that item didn't exist or wasn't discovered until Phantasy Star II. Instead we see in PSI people using PelorieMate (a cake tablet bar or synthesis board that makes a complete nutritional supplement) and in Gaiden they used "herbs" from Copto to avoid the pricy "Roginine drinks".

The way to create monomates was found before AW1281 - dimate and trimate turned Roginine completely obsolete (and that's why the last time we hear of it is in Gaiden). According to PSU the ingredients to produce a monomate are Trans Acid and sweet berries (instead of hot berries that seems to be more nutritional). In AW1281 trimates were already used on medical machines - the person would enter inside a big capsule that would spray trimate gas on the entire body. So, this liquid we see in the image of the day (an ampoule?) may be applied directly on the wound, like Alshline in PSIV (and [maybe] not like Roginine which had to be drank).

In terms of restoring little HP, I think Monomate is better than PelorieMate, because while both restore less HP than "Roginine" Monomate is the less pricy. However PSIV hints that PelorieMate is still used, but for other medicine purposes that require more than restoring little HP.

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 30, '12, 7:12 pm 
This first version of the monomate we have here seems to be like a medicine..and that's logical ! As to replenish HP, a medicine is a good way. An Ampoule, like was saying Newsblade !

NEWSBLADE : You're right, this item didn't exist before PSII : thanks for all the information you gave : thereis some things that I've never known before ! (as I've never played PS Gaiden...must do it soon !).

PostPosted: Sun Dec 30, '12, 11:18 pm 
myau56 wrote: never played PS Gaiden...must do it soon !.

Before playing PSgaiden let me warn you there's a lot of things that are not 100% accurate in the fan translation.

Just to avoid confusion let me tell that, in items:
Yakusou (やくそう - "herbs" or medicinal plants) was translated "Monomate"
Ruognign (ルオギニン aka "Cola" in PS1US) was translated "Dimate"
Ruognign Z (ルオギニンZ) was translated "Trimate"
Light Pendant (ライトペンダント aka "Magic Lamp" in PS1US) was translated "Light"
Search Light (サーチライト aka "Flash" in PS1US) was translated "Torch"
Alshline (アルシュリン) was translated "Raise"
Sooth Flute (スーズフルート aka "Flute" in PS1US) was translated "Escapipe"
Tran Scarf (トランスカーフ), with similar power to Tran Carpet (トランカーペット aka "Transer" in PS1US) was translated "Telepipe"

etc., etc., etc.

Now for "Magic" (yes, they didn't knew about techniques at that time):

Trooper (トルーパ aka "Fly" in PS1US) was translated "Dejavu"
Surt (スルト aka "Exit" in PS1US) was translated "Leave"
Rebirth (リーバス aka "Rise" in PS1US) was translated "Miracle"
-- the rest of magic dances between PS1US names, PS4US names and the original Japanese names. The only thing I have pity is the lack of standard (in our translations) between the 3 games. For instance the magic テルル in PS1US is "Terrify", in this translation is "Terror" (correct) and in PSIVUS is "Telele".

There's also interesting things that came with this game. The re-translation project of the original phantasy star 1 was a great translation, no doubt. However, there's a magic spell called DoHeal (Cure in PS1US), that was re-translated into "Super Heal". That would be OK, but Gaiden showed that it should stay "DoHeal" or at least it couldn't be "Super Heal". Why? Because Gaiden expanded the "Heal" magic into this:
1. Heal (Heal in PS1US and Re translation)
2. DoHeal (Cure in PS1US / "Super Heal" in Re-translation)
3. Meta Heal (メタヒール aka "MegaHeal" in this Gaiden translation)
4. Super Heal <-- this is the problem (スーパーヒール aka "Medice" in this Gaiden translation). Note: PSIV introduces one magic called "Medici" (or Medice in PS4US) that can also restore Androids

Note: While "Mu", "Do", "Meta" and "Super" were prefixes to show the power Lv of magic, PSGen1 remake forgot this and gave prefix to magic like they were techniques ("Gi" for Lv2 and "Ra" or "Na" for Lv3) which was a shame for several reasons

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 31, '12, 12:31 pm 
Thanks again for the "notes" on the fan translation ! Impressive work you've done here ! I'll print this and then, while playing, I'll be able to correct it directly !
I can read a little bit of japanese (only where there isn't any kanjis ! ;) ) and this difference in traduction is often strange !
For the Ruoginin, I know that it is the "original name" of the Cola in our occidental version (US and then european).
Search Light and Light pendant are the original names in PS1 japanese version (of that I'm quasi certain ;) )
There is a lot of differences ! The translation was highly made based on PSII and the following episodes of the serie !

All the text you have put is really very interesting and for that I thank you a lot !
Unfortunately, there isn't any unity between all the games and all the translations but that is often the case in many RPGs...

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 18, '22, 11:00 pm 
Monomate medicine!

PostPosted: Sun Mar 20, '22, 1:16 pm 
Very useful and handy medicine.

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