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PostPosted: Sun Jul 17, '11, 12:01 am 
This image displays the visual designs for some of the most common items found in Phantasy Star IV. Originally appearing in the Japanese game manual, each drawing was labeled with the name, price, and description of the product it represented. On the top, we have an Escapipe on the left and a Telepipe on the right. Both items are ocarinas, the style of musical instrument that would be made popular by Legend of Zelda games years after being featured in Phantasy Star II. At the bottom, from left to right, are the items known as Cure Paral, Antidote, and Monomate. It would seem all three curative items might be intended for ingestion or application directly to wound.

PostPosted: Sun Jul 17, '11, 2:36 pm 
On my long lost game manual "Escapipe" was somehow translated to "exhaust pipe".

I can't imagine Chaz and Co. using those items the way they are designed here. I mean, the design fits in the context of the game (the liquid medicine reminds me of how ashline looked like, the pills somehow reminds me of how perolimate must be). But the flutes, although they resemble PSIV dome rock houses and fit in PSIV design, I just imagine a simple transversal wood flute (because of the sound it produces when the "body becomes lighter") being shattered into pieces after using it once.

But what I really cannot imagine is someone dressing the leather-jack coat we will see soon on this "image of day" section.

PostPosted: Tue Jul 19, '11, 2:48 am 
The pipes do look a bit too solid for one use items, don't they? I was thinking they maybe they are charged with a little bit of technique energy. Once the pipe is used, the energy would exhausted and the characters would discard the pipe. That sort of makes them litter bugs, though. :lol:

PostPosted: Sat May 8, '21, 9:42 pm 
Bumping up this former Image Of The Day!

Interesting items!

PostPosted: Sun May 9, '21, 12:55 pm 
Very interesting items and drawings !

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