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PostPosted: Fri Dec 30, '11, 12:01 am 
Phantasy Star III continues a tradition begun in Phantasy Star II by allowing characters to equip protective footwear. This was an uncommon practice in computer roleplaying games at the time, where most defensive equipment was limited to armor, shields, and helmets. More recent games have expanded the field considerably, but this is just another area where Phantasy Star took the lead early on. Unfortunately, progress was still limited in this area: the game only has three footwear items. Pictured here are likely the most simple footwear, the Boots, which are starting equipment for many characters.

PostPosted: Fri Dec 30, '11, 3:57 pm 
I didn't think about it and in which RPG there was the first feet equipment !

PostPosted: Fri Dec 30, '11, 7:11 pm 
In regards of equipment, PSII was a leap forward from PSI. In PSI we only had weapon, off-hand and armour. And items couldn't be unequipped. Once equipped, Myau was stuck with the items (which sucks if you want him dead, to Rise for instance). Or when you wanted to buy armour, but didn't have enough but would have enough if you could sell the one you were wearing (you'd need a spare Leather Armour in your inventory to pull that off).

PSII split the weapon/off-hand slots into two hands and added two-handed weapons and the ability to wield two one handed weapons and added the footwear. And characters could be unequipped.

PostPosted: Fri Mar 2, '12, 10:01 am 
I never thought about teh fact that in PSI you weren't able to equip off the pieces of equipment ! In first RPG, that was often the case and same for the only armor shield and weapon : know it's more head, torso, shield feet and weapon.

PostPosted: Sat Mar 3, '12, 6:01 pm 
That inability to remove equipment was kept in the remake, Generation 1, as well. It was understandable in an early RPG like PSI, but I was very disappointed to see a basic mechanic like an unequip option not implemented on a PlayStation 2 title. There is a very limited inventory space as well, which makes it worse. I find myself having to sell a lot of restorative items dropped by monsters before I have room to buy new equipment.

PostPosted: Sat Mar 3, '12, 9:03 pm 
Kept in the remake ? I didn't know last it's one of the improvement that could have been put in this remake...When you write about "very limited inventory spaces" ? How many exactly ? Is it the same as before, a space for all the characters or each character have one space ?

PostPosted: Sun Mar 4, '12, 12:00 am 
Each character has a separate inventory, like PSIII. They can carry 16 items each for 64 items total. The equipment each character is using counts as part of the inventory, which takes up 6 item slots per person. Vehicles, the flute, the magic lamp, and two translation items (for speaking with Dezorians and Motavians) all take up inventory space, too.

Some special items don't count as part of the per-character inventory, which is good news. Those are usually items you don't have to use manually but need to carry around for a while, like the roadpass or laconian pot.

PostPosted: Sun Mar 4, '12, 1:44 am 
Odin: Hey, Alisa, can we buy that machine gun in the window?
Alisa: Sure, but you don't have anywhere to put it, Odin! You're carrying too much stuff.
Lutz: I was going to inquire as to why Odin was carrying several of my spare boomerangs.
Myau: Because you're carrying all our burgers!
Lutz: It was Alisa's idea. Besides, I have a bit more room in my robes. Perhaps we can exchange something after we buy your machine gun.
Alisa: And there's a new dagger in that shop, too! ...How are we going to carry all this?
Odin: Let's see... I give Lutz one of his boomerangs, he gives you a burger, and you give the remote caller for the Ice Digger to Myau.
Myau: Where am I going to carry that?! I've already got the Land Rover caller somewhere in here Odin!
Lutz: Perhaps we can just set the caller down.
Alisa: That Ice Digger cost us twelve thousand Meseta! If we put the caller for it on the ground, we're never going to see it again!
Odin: That doesn't make sense.
Alisa: Neither does you carrying Lutz's boomerangs! Why can't he carry some?!
Lutz: Alisa, I'm carrying your spare laser sword as well as a double-edged dagger you insisted I bought, along with several spell dorjes from Camineet.
Alisa: Well, maybe I'd like to join you guys in the Collabo magic party. >_<
Odin: Why don't we sell some of this extra crap we're toting around? Myau doesn't need four suits of your leftover zirconia mail, Alisa.
Alisa: .....Good point.

PostPosted: Sun Mar 4, '12, 9:55 am 
SNORB : Excellent ! I think that all your stuff about comic situations in Phantasy Star as well as Wing Eye's parody comic can gave good ideas about other comic situations ! Thanks for all that and keep up the good Work :)

THOUL : ok I have a better view of it now ! It's better but not enough ? 16 items for each of the 4 characters : 64 on total, but 24 for the weapons and defensive gear, sure that the inventory might be full soon.

Good news about the special items that doesn't count for one !
And if I'm not mistaken, in Phantasy Star I and IV the inventory is one for all and in Phantasy Star II and III the inventory is separated for each character ?

PostPosted: Sun Mar 4, '12, 10:19 pm 
Yep- it's a party inventory in PSI and PSIV, and individual inventories in PSII and PSIII. (Characters in PSII had sixteen item slots, fifteen in PSIII. Plot coupons like Tiem, the Ransom Note, Maruera Gum, Wren's mobility parts, and Laya's Pendant each took up valuable space.)

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