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Take Your Medicine

Take Your Medicine

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 29, '12, 12:22 am 
Even though she may be young, Alis knows the benefits of having a good moisturizer. No one is in need of one more than a person whose skin has been turned completely to stone. That's the ultimate case of dry, cracked skin, wouldn't you say? Luckily, Alis has plenty of Alshline. This blue liquid she is presenting to us has the ability to work wonders*, restoring moisture and movement even to someone as petrified of their condition as Odin. The miraculous medicine will even make the stiffest of clothing return to a pliable state!

* Cats may not be able to open bottle. Bottle must be open for wonders to work.

PostPosted: Sun Jul 1, '12, 10:09 am 
Great image ! I didn't know that there was so much different pictures in PSG1 ! I really need to try it one day....

PostPosted: Sun Jul 1, '12, 5:33 pm 
Alisa: (holds the Alshline bottle to Odin) It puts the lotion on its skin or it gets the hose again! XD
Odin: (from inside the statue) That's not very damn funny! ;_;
Alisa: So... how does this stuff work, anyway? Do you just pop the cork and pour it on? Do you need a pipette for it?
Myau: I dunno, Alisa. Ask the Boy Blunder over there. ....Oh. Right.
Odin: (inside the statue) Guys, can you hurry up? My butt itches and it's driving me crazy.
Alisa: Oh, hush, you. You're petrified, and statues don't have any human rights at all.
Myau: Neither do I! I'm a musk cat!
Alisa: Well, you're special, Myau. ^_^
Myau: :3
Odin: (inside the statue) Look, the sooner you unpetrify me, the sooner I can chop things up with my axe.
Alisa: Oh! Why didn't you say so?! XD (she adjusts the bottle in her hand, and swings. The Alshline bottle breaks in slow motion across Odin's face, like that weird scene from A Clockwork Orange.)
Odin: (exaggerated slow motion pain grunt)
Alisa: You'll be fine. Everyone in this group has healing magic.

PostPosted: Sun Jul 1, '12, 8:45 pm 
:) And try to imagine all those funny dialogues ! Thanks Snorb !

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