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PostPosted: Sat Dec 27, '14, 8:08 pm ... 486.R5.TR6

Normally I would be a selfish person, and purchase this, and then sell it on eBay for twice the price or more. But I like most of you, so if you are in the market to get this compendium eventually added to your collection, despite being Japanese, the art is beautiful. And the price tag on it right now is the cheapest I have absolutely seen it; cheaper than I have ever bought it.

For a fixed buy it now price of $79.99 USD plus free shipping! This really is the cheapest I have ever seen and it is stated in "very good" condition. The seller is quite very reputable, you may have dealt with them before,
So even they especially, should know better about their low price, but it is the holiday season; the commercialized holiday season.

It has been listed up on eBay for two weeks now, I doubt one week longer will exist.

of course anyone of you could purchase it themselves, then sell it at nearly double or triple that price tag as well....

...But some of you probably also just want to eventually own this book.

sure there is a text translation of the compendium online,thanks to Rebecca Capowski, and there is also a PDF scan of the book itself, but the ownership of this still it is nice memento of sentimentality.
And that is me saying this, somebody who is almost objective in nearly every facet of life. Yet I have a weakness for this and only this series.

Personally one day, I intend to tell the stories of this book to my children at bedside. I know the stories by heart and I cannot read Japanese, and when I read it to them they will not know Japanese either, so nothing will seem out of place.

The only way that someone like me would consider to maybe not purchase this, would be if the PDF existed in a manner that the Xenogears Perfect Works was translated into a PDF. That very book the Perfect Works, that was a masterful and classy translation where they not only uploaded the images of the book into PDF, but they have successfully added the translation superimposed upon the artwork of the book itself with little or no error at all. It is a masterpiece. If the Phantasy Star compendium had that, who knows if I would still own it.

But in the meantime, contemplate over buying this probably once-in-a-lifetime price of this compendium which was only printed in limited quantities anyway, and also go check out that Xenogears Perfect Works book sure Google will help you out to find that. Of course, as the law abiding citizen citizen that I am, downloading such a PDF book means that you must also own the book and an official format in one way or another, legally. And for this, here is your own purse personal later only Phantasy Star Compendium Book.

(I am not only an admitted objective, reticent person, but I am also an admitted egoist, as most posts on a given topic, such as this in topic, end up being about myself to a degree more than needed.)

PostPosted: Sat Dec 27, '14, 8:27 pm 
Thanks for the tip. I would definitely jump at the chance to add this to my book collection any other year (sadly, my credit cards are in dire need of breathing space now), but I also wish this is bought by someone who would appreciate it and keep it. :yes:

PostPosted: Sat Dec 27, '14, 9:24 pm 
Man! Talk about no strength of will (I would never be a Green Lantern, but I would be an excellent Orange one). :melodramatic:

I went to the eBay page and saw all the pictures of the book and simply had to have it. It will be so good for creating more art. :yes:

Of course, I had to create an eBay account, link it to my mostly unused PayPal, finaly link my credit card to PP... All the time I was thinking someone else might buy in while I set these things up.

Now, a lot of the expenses that went to my card this year were because of a theater project that needed a big investment and that did not sell as well as we thought it would. Of course paying for that will take some effort, but I thought I also needed to buy something for me this year. :yes:

Thanks a lot, Zio. This is one book I never thought I would get (since it is out of print, and somewhat old). I will put it to good use. :up:

PostPosted: Sat Dec 27, '14, 9:49 pm 
I would buy it if I could think of another reason to rationally own another copy of it.
There is not even a legitimate reason to own a first copy of it for me. Only the subjective reason, "it is Phantasy Star."
Sentimentality, sure, but it is not real or measurable.
The art in the book on the other hand, is beautiful, so I can rationalize that I have beautiful art to look at a book in front of me rather than a bunch of pictures I click through on the Internet.
I do find that viewing an artbook or painting, in some cases as different myself, as opposed to looking at a computer screen even--- if it is high definition, retina display; I prefer the art book.
(But ironically, I can clearly state, that viewing the Mona Lisa in person was absolutely no different than viewing it on my computer screen. And that statement applies for a lot of art that I have have seen in museums.)

It is really hard to justify or rationalize ownership or "needing" of these things to me. Almost impossible.

But in theory, I would acquire a copy of it for somebody who does appreciate art, but only if someone were to at a later date transfer that amount of money plus shipping to me so that I could then transfer the item in question to them. This is the altruistic option in my distorted view…

As opposed to the un-altruistic value I spoke of earlier in the other post, which goes back to the evil idea——which would be buying it and selling it at two or three times the value anyway.

And why would someone do that?
Because it works and makes money, and can be a thrill.
Its really not evil, not even unethical, but not in my moral code.

I am not hard up for cash, and the thrill of that kind of stuff does not hit those areas of me that it used to; especially if I knew I was doing it to people that I converse with in an Internet forum regarding topics that I hold dear. The sake of preserving artwork of Phantasy Star outweighs several profits, material, financial, or mental.

Either way, it is a very beautiful book, and there are only a handful out there, and I honestly have never seen that book this cheap.
I hope someone enjoys it.

PostPosted: Sat Dec 31, '16, 3:01 pm 
I now have this book in my possession many years ago and it's a great art book ! Interesting to have but it's true that it's often VERY expensive !!!! :( here, it was very interesting !

But if you can have yourself a copy of it, go and get it !!! :)

PostPosted: Tue Jan 10, '17, 11:38 pm 
I have my eye on this book for quite some time now as I really would like to use the illustrations in it for drawing practice (I really like the style)

Unfortunate I have not had the disposable cash for a copy of one, plus I would probably have to pay quite some import costs on it.

PostPosted: Wed Jan 11, '17, 11:53 am 
You're right : the imports costs are great, alas... I can't remember exactly how much I've paid but that was (in total) more than 100 euros ( 130 dollars approx) ! But now you can find it at a cheaper price ! Hope you'll find it one day...

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