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Vampire Appears

Vampire Appears

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 31, '11, 12:09 am 
This page of storyboards from Phantasy Star IV production documents reveals a slightly different take on the game's events in Ladea Tower. Following the first encounter with Zio and wounding of Alys, the remaining heroes - Chaz, Rika, Gryz, and the newly rescued Demi - set out to find Rune Walsh in this tower. They hoped he could heal Alys, but first he needed to retrieve an artifact at the top of the tower. In the game, this lead to a boss fight with the Gy-Laguiah monster. The center frame of the storyboards reveals that Gy-Laguiah was not the foe originally intended for this battle. Instead, one of the vampire type creatures from Phantasy Star appears.

PostPosted: Mon Oct 31, '11, 11:32 pm 
Nice! Since Gy-Laguiah looks like some kind of "bat", maybe it is a remake/evolution of PS1's Werebat/Vampire. In any case, this sketch relates Vampires/Wingeyes as part of Dark Force army in PS1 (instead of being regular monsters).

PostPosted: Wed Nov 2, '11, 3:55 am 
I really wish the developers had kept the werebat/vampire for this boss. It might seem strange making such a relatively weak PSI enemy a boss in PSIV, but it would have been a nice connection between the games. Combined with Zio's ability to petrify like Medusa, this would have really cemented him as following in Lassic's footsteps.

PostPosted: Thu Nov 3, '11, 12:35 am 
Yes, they probably choose to make their own "bat-like" creature so people wouldn't ask how a werebat/vampire was so difficult to beat in PSIV comparing to the first game...

I also think it would be nice to pick some more old foes like werebat/vampire into PSIV. However, I think it would make some believe that these heroes were weaker than Alis and co. (which wouldn't make sense, at least to me).

PostPosted: Fri Sep 3, '21, 10:44 pm 
Bumping up this former Image Of The Day!


PostPosted: Sat Sep 4, '21, 12:02 pm 
Ah very nice vampire ! :)

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