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PostPosted: Mon Jun 29, '09, 1:49 am 
From Phantasy Star Collection (Saturn) comes these three character designs for that most dreaded of menaces, Dark Force! These are samples from the early planning stages of Phantasy Star IV, when each Dark Force had individual names. The middle one, from Kuran, was known as "Cyber Force." Names for the others have never been revealed. The third Dark Force, shown on the right here, changed a lot before his final version. In this concept, he seems to have a shield and possibly a detachable weapon. In the game, that weapon is part of his arm, but the shield is nowhere to be found.


You may view the gallery page for Trio of Malevolence.

PostPosted: Mon Jun 29, '09, 11:14 am 
Neat pictures. Is it just me or do the chest/shoulderplates on "Seth" resemble the kind of human platemail that Chaz and Rika wear? It's an awesome design.

PostPosted: Mon Jun 29, '09, 1:40 pm 
I think those are scarier than the ones they put into the game. O.o I think I'ma go hide under a blanket now.

PostPosted: Mon Jun 29, '09, 3:38 pm 
That middle one looks really freaky! Kinda reminds me of a design Dead Space used :yikes:

PostPosted: Mon Jun 29, '09, 7:41 pm 
I think the first one looks like that thing from Aliens that attaches itself to people's faces. And a spider...and spiders scare me ._.0

PostPosted: Mon Oct 22, '18, 3:10 am 
Bumping up this former Image Of The Day!

All these images look quite frightening!!!

PostPosted: Tue Oct 23, '18, 12:27 pm 
Yes, those pictures are quite frightening but the differences are great to note ! And so are the names given (or not !) to those 3 different forms ! :)

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