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PostPosted: Thu Apr 9, '09, 1:00 am 
This is certainly an unusual sight for Phantasy Star IV characters. Look at all those trees in the background. Did Motavia even have that many trees? I know this scene can't be taking place on Dezoris, so this has to be Motavia, the desert planet, right?

This piece is one of five, each featuring two Phantasy Star IV characters. They were created for the cover of SPEC #9, the final issue of the Japan only SEGA fan club newsletter. SPEC #9 was never published, though. As such, these pieces were "lost" until being published in the Phantasy Star: Official Production Compendium.


You may view the gallery page for To the Trees.

PostPosted: Thu Apr 9, '09, 8:34 am 
Yes, unless all of the vegetation of Motivia was in one area I too don't know where to this seen would take place (Since Parum was destroyed). Not to mention I have scene this pic floating around the net a lot. I like it because Kyra and Demi are two very unique characters who don't have as much screen time as the rest of the PSIV cast and this picture is dedicated to both of them.

PostPosted: Thu Apr 9, '09, 12:53 pm 
Motavia is a desert planet, but it has some forests here and there.

Some are a bunch of palm trees (near piata) but at north of motabia we see some pine-like trees with the same map-size as villages. Even Tonoe have a lot of trees (and I believe some have been cut to build those tents/town).

There's another picture that shows Rika with a squirrel; that's also inside some woods (which, for instance could've happen before entering in that cave at north of Motabia - it has a lot of trees hiding that "secret" cave).

PostPosted: Thu Apr 9, '09, 1:26 pm 
Maybe they worked up a time travel device and Kyra and Demi went back to the time when Rolf and crew were around. 8)

PostPosted: Thu Apr 9, '09, 3:27 pm 
Has to be Motavia, as there are some scattered forests here and there. Probably not big forests, mind, but they're there. Anyway, I must agree with Lucas.

PostPosted: Thu Apr 9, '09, 7:31 pm 
It has to be one of the most beautiful images I've seen in this column.

PostPosted: Thu Apr 9, '09, 8:18 pm 
This needs to be turned into a game or a fanfiction or something. "The Adventures of Kyra and Demi" has so much potential.

PostPosted: Sun Apr 13, '14, 9:17 pm 
This is a very nice image, it looks pretty real.

PostPosted: Sat May 27, '17, 12:02 pm 
True that there are some areas with trees in PSIV !
This picture is really beautiful ! One of the best ever seen, as some people have already said ! :)

PostPosted: Mon May 29, '17, 1:57 am 
Agree, one of the best images I have seen here yet! Those trees are awesome!

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