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PostPosted: Sat Feb 28, '09, 6:34 pm 
One of the great things about RPGs is arriving at a new town after a long, tiring hike across unfriendly terrain. Most of today's games have roads and set paths for heroes to follow, but in the old days we set out into the wilderness and just wandered until we found something. One of the first stops in every town is the weapon store.

In this Phantasy Star III scene, Lyle, Mieu, and Wren have raided a store for new weapons to power up their attacks. Lena has decided to be a little more practical and restock the group's supply of nourishing items. Meanwhile, Rhys is wondering how he is going to pay for all of this stuff. I wonder how much they'll have to put back?


You may view the gallery page for Shopping.

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 28, '09, 8:33 pm 
I love this pic...kinda gives PS3 a more light-heartedness to it instead of being so strict all the time.

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 28, '09, 10:03 pm 
Yeah, I feel the same way Darkil. It's fun to see the cast having a lighthearted moment~

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 1, '09, 1:37 am 
I wonder what Snorb's comment will be? What shall the skit be today?

But also, I say this is a pretty funny pic. It has me thinking of a few things I could add in any porjects I do in the future.

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 1, '09, 2:11 am 
Mieu: (starry-eyed) Prince Rhys, don't you think these Planar Claws will be useful?! Please let me buy them!
Rhys: Uh, Mieu, I don't think the local shops even sell-
Wren: Prince Rhys, this Vulcan Cannon would serve to be an improvement over the Hunting Rifle I currently carry. With your leave, I would like to purchase this.
Rhys: Wren, there's a bit of a money situation-
Lyle: Hey, Rhys! Check out these kick-ass Laconia Staves! Great for combat, and they help me focus my Technical Energy! Luna's gonna think I'm the best caster in Aquatica with these! You have to let me get these, man!
Rhys: Look, Lyle, as much as I want to say "yes," there's a problem-
Lena: Rhys, I grabbed everybody's itempacks, and I stuffed them full of provisions- journeybread, Perolymate, Ruoginin, Star Mists, Lunar Dews, and even some small Shortcakes... I hope you don't mind! Of course, the provisioner wants us to pay for these...
Rhys: Lena, I appreciate the insight, I really do. Problem is... we're flat damn broke! We have to go kill more monsters-
Mieu: (her Planar Claws turn into one extremely rusted combat claw) Waaaah! T_T
Wren: (his Vulcan Cannon becomes a slingshot) This is a most disadvantageous situation, My Prince.
Lyle: (the Laconia Staves turn into a beat-up baseball bat) Fine, I guess I could just impress Luna some other way. Thanks a LOT, Rhys. >_<
Lena: (all the supplies turn into one extremely moldy piece of Shortcake) I suppose I can go hungry another night...
Rhys: Was it something I said!?

(meanwhile, across the shop, a green-haired woman in a blue dress is watching the situation humorously!)

Shir: Hehe... amateurs. Ooh, a Royal Sword. Rolf's gonna love this. ^_^ (tucks it under her dress, and sneaks out of the store)

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 1, '09, 6:23 am 
Nice, I love this pic and yeah what you said Dakril it is quite light-hearted. :clap:

PostPosted: Fri Jun 1, '18, 1:41 am 
Bumping up this former Image Of The Day!

A light-hearted moment in the game! Those faces are fun! :lol:

PostPosted: Fri Jun 1, '18, 11:54 am 
Ah ! This famous picture is one of the greatest from the great PSIII ! It's so funny ! Poour Prince... :rofl:
And the draw is great too of course !

PostPosted: Wed Sep 6, '23, 5:12 pm 
Fun image of the group weapon buying!

PostPosted: Thu Sep 7, '23, 12:13 pm 
Weapon buying and fun in the same picture ! :)

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