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PostPosted: Wed Oct 6, '10, 12:17 am 
In these sketches by the designers of Phantasy Star IV, we see some practice and reference drawings for an early version of Rune Walsh, when he wore a turtleneck instead of the white trimmed collar used in the game. The bottom right is perhaps the most interesting, as it shows Rune conjuring a ball of fire. This may be either the Foi tech or Flaeli skill. It is rare to see the effect of magic in artwork like this, especially without it being directed at a monster or comrade.

PostPosted: Wed Oct 6, '10, 12:26 am 
You can see the power of the true magic =D Rune powaaaa :hyper: :shiftyeyes:

PostPosted: Wed Oct 6, '10, 4:27 am 
Rune: Today kids, I'm going to show you how to conjure up some magic. Like this! *unidentified fireball in hand* tada!


If I were a girl I'd be squeeling with joy at this pics. But instead I'll put on a grim smile and give a thumbs up. :up:

PostPosted: Wed Oct 6, '10, 1:34 pm 
Dude ( to Rune ), your arrogance really bugs me... It's a bit of a turn off for me. So I am not going to squeal with joy here, but just roll my eyes and do a fan-art of Lyle. ^^

PostPosted: Thu Oct 7, '10, 2:56 pm 
Whoa, the image of Rune with the fireball is amazing! I really like the one where he is kneeling also. Great expression there. :clap:

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