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 Post subject: Meet Wren
PostPosted: Fri Jan 11, '08, 8:10 am 
After a quick exploration of Zelan, the group of Rune, Chaz, and Rika come across a tall android. This is Wren, caretaker of Algo's environmental control systems. He recognizes Rika right away, as they had been communicating for some time before Zelan was cut off from the rest of Algo six months previously.


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PostPosted: Fri Jan 11, '08, 10:47 pm 
Interesting pic!

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 15, '08, 6:25 am 
Come to think of it, when does Wren show any emotion?

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 15, '08, 6:38 am 
He seemed sad in the end when parting with Rika, to me.

 Post subject: Re: Meet Wren
PostPosted: Fri Oct 10, '14, 9:03 pm 
Bumping this up. Wren is an interesting Phantasy Star character with an even more interesting job as caretaker to Algo's environmental control systems.

 Post subject: Re: Meet Wren
PostPosted: Sat Oct 11, '14, 6:31 pm 
Demi: Hey, Boss, are you playing SimCity again?
Wren: No, Demi, I am not. I am simply monitoring the situation on Motavia and Dezolis.
Demi: ...looks like SimCity to me. =/
Wren: This is no life simulation, Demi. There are less than a billion Palmans still alive; in addition to the native Motavians and Dezolians, not to mention Rika, we have to ensure quality of life will improve for them all.
Demi: Boss, seriously, there's a little thing up here that says how much Meseta you have! And people are complaining that they want more roads!
Wren: The former government of Palma entrusted us with a very generous endowment to be used to maintain the weather control systems, Demi.
Demi: But what about the roads?
Wren: Palmans always complain about wanting more roads. They have forgotten that mass transit and site-to-site teleportation are more efficient.
Demi: And what about that time last month everybody's Techniques got all repressed?
Wren: I was merely experimenting with anti-psionic fields to see what would happen.
Demi: Heey, there's a Disasters menu up here and "Psionics Supression Field" is one of them! And there's "Lower Birth Rates," "Drought," "Dark Force," and... oooh. "Spontaneous Nuclear Meltdown."
Wren: That one's broken. Don't use it.
Demi: So what are you going to do about the roads?
Wren: (sighs mechanically) I will have the fabrication robots build roads. But I will only supply them with 85% of the necessary raw materials to make them.

 Post subject: Re: Meet Wren
PostPosted: Fri Apr 28, '17, 1:10 pm 
Wren is one of my favourite characters in the PS series !
And then here maybe Wren is meeting Demi for the first time ?

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