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PostPosted: Thu Jul 9, '09, 12:17 am 
This is another look at Rika in her early development stages, during the time she was called Nei by the game staff. She is not very different from the final character. These expressions show that same sense of wonder and surprise that made Rika such an unique character in the game. It is hard to imagine the game without Rika. I am glad Yoshida stuck with the character and made the minor changes needed to get the rest of the staff to accept her.


You may view the gallery page for Nei Mark 2, part 2.

PostPosted: Thu Jul 9, '09, 7:58 am 
Awesome pic :wink:

PostPosted: Thu Jul 9, '09, 12:34 pm 
Sweet picture and yeah, the expressions and poses are indeed very much Rika's.

I sometimes wonder if Yoshida added "Nei" to PS4 as some sort of a way giving a character whom fate treated very harshly in PS2 a second chance at experiencing life and love...complete with a human life span and a hug from Chaz at the end.

PostPosted: Thu Jul 9, '09, 2:25 pm 
Given the translation of Memorial Drama CD I've seen online somewhere, I wonder about that also Erpy. I don't know offhand if Yoshida was involved with the Memorial Drama, but the revelations about Nei and Rika in that really support the idea.

PostPosted: Thu Jul 9, '09, 9:06 pm 
Have you seen Rebecca Capowski's translation of the PS Compendium and PSIV staff interview? It pretty much bears out what you're both suggesting about Rika (a.k.a. Fal) being a happier incarnation of Nei.

Here's an excerpt:

Quote:Q: Back to Millennium - is it true that Fal was developed from the original Nei?

Yoshida: Well, I was thinking about using the first Nei [in Millennium], but the other staff members had a lot of things to say about that. They still do, in fact.

Kodama: I said something. (laughs)

Yoshida: At one point, I seriously considered just drawing up another character altogether, but, one way or the other, we worked things out among ourselves, and, in the end, I got the feeling that everyone would let me keep her in. I made the tips of her ears black to get away with her. (laughs)

Nishiyama: I thought that if she just had the long ears it would've been fine.

Tsugawa: I said it would've been all right to leave their [Fal and Nei's] ears the same.

Kodama: Now I don't remember why I objected. (laughs)

Q: Was there any reason?

Yoshida: It was probably a “why now?” kind of thing. Because, at that point, it had been three years since [Phantasy Star] II came out.

PostPosted: Fri Jul 10, '09, 3:23 am 
I actually use the translation as source for these descriptions. Most of these Saturn collection pictures are also in the Compendium, so I look up the descriptions if there are any. ;) It's been ages since I read the staff interview section, though.

PostPosted: Sat Nov 10, '18, 10:10 pm 
Bumping up this former Image Of The Day!

Several very flattering looks at Rika! I love the one on the end with her hands showing! Fantastic!!

PostPosted: Mon Nov 12, '18, 12:34 pm 
Great pictures here ! :) Tre that the last one with tha hands sort of applausing is the greatest one ! Good job ! :) :fiery:

PostPosted: Sat Dec 9, '23, 5:50 pm 

PostPosted: Sun Dec 10, '23, 12:38 pm 
Fal/Rika the great ! :) :up:

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