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PostPosted: Sun Jun 28, '09, 12:04 am 
This is the first of two sketch sets in Phantasy Star Collection (Saturn) dedicated entirely to Rune Walsh and the traditional garb he wears in his role as the fifth generation Lutz. He looks a lot like the original Lutz. Perhaps these are even the same robes the original wore. They certainly do look the same. Rune does have some issues in adapting to the role, though. In the full body shot, he still has his hair pulled back into the trademark ponytail instead of letting it flow freely as in the other pictures. The bottom close up pretty well sums up Rune's thoughts on the whole role, it seems.


You may view the gallery page for Fifth Generation Lutz 1.

PostPosted: Sun Jun 28, '09, 11:27 pm 
Ruuuuuune! Look at those expressions! :hyper:


PostPosted: Mon Jun 29, '09, 1:18 am 
(leftmost picture)

Kyra: Hey, Rune? Have you seen my robes?
Rune: Oh, crap.

(upper right)

Rune: Who's the man and a half? I'm the man and a half. I'm the Legeon-packing... man and a HALF!
Chaz: You know, Rune, I've got Megid.
Rune: Shaddap, Shorty, or I'm gonna whomp you again.
Chaz: With your shields?
Rune: (looks at the Silver Shields strapped to his arms) ...Damn it, Shir!
Chaz: Who?
Rune: That green-haired girl?
Chaz: Demi?
Rune: The one with the short skirt? Always talks about stealing things?
Chaz: (is clueless)
Rune: Always has that perpetual breeze around her?
Chaz: Oh, the cute one. Yeah, she said something about borrowing your Psycho Wand.
Rune: Those things aren't sold in stores anymore, you know!

PostPosted: Sun Oct 21, '18, 6:10 am 
Bumping up this former Image Of The Day.

Another interesting look at variations of Rune!

I kind of like the second image. I think he says a lot with his eyes in that one.

PostPosted: Sun Oct 21, '18, 5:27 pm 
Oh Reverent lutz ! :)

PostPosted: Thu Nov 30, '23, 4:26 pm 
Rune / Lutz

PostPosted: Fri Dec 1, '23, 1:35 pm 
Lutz or Rune the Great Esper ! :)

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