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PostPosted: Mon May 25, '09, 1:06 am 
This piece, the fourth in a series of eight featuring the main party members of Phantasy Star IV, highlights Wren. One of the many romanizations of the Japan game version of his name is shown: Fallen. The word must have a very different meaning, or not at all, in Japanese. I can't see anyone naming a character charged with preventing the death of civilization with a word like that.


You may view the gallery page for Fallen.

PostPosted: Mon May 25, '09, 1:46 am 
You know, his facial expression hardly changes between any of those pictures. Ahh, Wren, in all your expressionless glory.

PostPosted: Mon May 25, '09, 3:44 am 
Kyra: (behind the camera) Oh, c'mon, Wren! Smile, ya big lug!
Wren: I assure you, Madam Tierney, I am smiling.
Rika: Now, now, Wren, you gotta move the corners of your mouth up! Like this! (sticks her fingers in Wren's mouth, and lifts)
Wren: ("accidentally" fires his Positron Bolt at Rika)
Chaz: I hate photo day. (begins manifesting Rever)

(one Rever, one Na Res later...)

Raja: "Fallen?" Can that big metal doll of yours get up, Chaz?
Wren: (launches a salvo of Burst Rockets at Raja's head)
Rune: ...I got this one, Shorty. (begins manifesting Rever)
Chaz, Rika, and Kyra: (start ducking the stray rockets)

(one Rever, one Na Sar later...)

Chaz: Okay, Wren, smile and look heroic for the camera!
Rika: .....He blinked. =(

PostPosted: Mon May 25, '09, 5:56 am 
Androids blink? XD

PostPosted: Sat Sep 1, '18, 6:58 pm 
Bumping up this former Image Of The Day!

An interesting look at Wren! He is such an intriguing character. Don't ya think?

Which name do you think suits him better, Wren or Fallen?

PostPosted: Mon Nov 1, '21, 12:53 pm 
Fallen or Wren, both names are great for me ! :)

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