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PostPosted: Wed Apr 8, '09, 1:04 am 
Hugh Thompson, a biologist and Motavia's top expert on bio-monsters, has arrived at Rolf's residence. He values all life, including that of the monsters rampaging across the planet. Even so, he will fight to defend the weak. After travelling far and studying for long hours, he is ready to put his skills to use alongside Rolf's team.

Thanks to Kaloes for submitting this image.


You may view the gallery page for Meet Hugh.

PostPosted: Wed Apr 8, '09, 1:56 am 
Hugh: Agent Eushys? We met at Sisters of Mercy Hospital in Oputa a while back...
Rolf: Oh, I remember you- Hugh, right? Hugh Thompson?
Hugh: Indeed. I was just here to check up on Nei since your visit- hospital administrator's orders.
Rolf: Well, Nei's doing fine, actually. We were just going to-
Rudo: Rolf, who's there?
Rolf: It's Doctor Thompson from Oputa.
Nei: Wheeee! Doctor Thompson's here! ^_^
Amy: Huh?! D...Doctor Thompson? Doctor Hugh Thompson? He... he's here? (blush)
Hugh: Oh... Amy! I... I didn't know you were with Rolf...
Nei: Yep! She's been such a great help!
Rolf: She has, Hugh.
Amy: (still blushing) It's nothing, really...
Hugh: Well, that... that's good to know.
Rudo: Hey, Hugh, you said you were a doctor? The four of us were goin' to Climatrol, and I think two doctors would be better than one.
Nei: That would be so cool! Rolf, can Doctor Thompson come with us? Can he pleaaaaase?
Rolf: Well... I think he's more of a biologist than an actual MD, Nei...
Hugh: It would be a good opportunity to examine Motavia's flora and fauna more carefully, Agent Eushys.
Amy: (she's now red as a tomato)
Rudo: It's gonna be dangerous, Hugh.
Hugh: (chuckles) Don't worry- I have some training in anti-biological Techniques. I hope they won't be necessary, though.
Rolf: Well...
Amy: RolfpleaseletHughcomewithusplease!
Rolf, Nei, Rudo, and Hugh: (sweatdrops)
Amy: Err... I think it... it would be best if Hugh... a...accompanied us. Another doctor would be... be good, as Cor-Corporal Steiner said...
Rolf: Well, since you all put it that way... all right, Hugh. Welcome aboard.

PostPosted: Wed Apr 8, '09, 10:31 pm 
I actually like Hugh's new design, maybe its just the scarf

PostPosted: Wed Apr 8, '09, 10:57 pm 
This design is really close to the original. The coat is a little more detailed and the scarf is nice. I'm glad it actually looks like a scarf, too. The original design always looked like he was wearing a scarf around his neck, but the rest of it was missing. This is better.

PostPosted: Sun Jul 22, '18, 8:36 pm 
Bumping up this former Image Of The Day!

Hugh is looking awesome in this very nice looking uniform or outfit! Notice the background scenery is much the same as in the previous image we saw of Anna.

PostPosted: Fri Jul 27, '18, 12:48 pm 
Another nice picture of one of the "knocking persons" at Eusis' door ! ,Nice background AND nice character here ! :)

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