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PostPosted: Wed Jul 8, '09, 1:18 am 
This group of sketches featuring Alys Brangwin combines two versions of Alys not shown in Phantasy Star IV. In the left and center, Alys enjoys a more relaxed look on her day off from Hunter's work. The large headband makes her forehead look huge while holding her long hair up in an unusual look. She is also modelling the single glove look, perhaps borrowed from Michael Jackson. Quite a few versions of this look were presented in Phantasy Star: Official Production Compendium, overshadowing her normal design.

On the right, we find a younger version of the famed warrior. At this age, Alys was still an apprentice Hunter training under another Hunter named Galf. This was the time period when Alys and Rune Walsh first met and travelled together.


You may view the gallery page for Casual & Young Alys.

PostPosted: Wed Jul 8, '09, 4:20 am 
Wow Alys looks awesome in this pic :wink:
Nice! :D

PostPosted: Wed Jul 8, '09, 11:20 am 
Awesome pics. Alys has a rather distinct fashion sense, but it does accentuate her figure quite well. With legs reaching almost up to her armpits, it's no wonder half the male population of Aiedo was begging her for a date.

PostPosted: Wed Jul 8, '09, 4:08 pm 
She's pretty with the short hair! She should've kept it that way.

PostPosted: Wed Jul 8, '09, 5:38 pm 
Oddly enough, the one with short hair reminds me of Alis from PS1. I guess it's sort of the "innocent" look that is portrayed.

PostPosted: Wed Jul 8, '09, 6:37 pm 
It's wonderful how the artists actually drew these pictures that offered us a peek into what they wore when we don't see them in battle, or even how they appeared prior to the way we know them now. Thanks for sharing!

PostPosted: Thu Jul 9, '09, 9:50 pm 
With these pictures that I've seen so far I kinda wish Sega would have made a game dealing a few years before Phantasy Star IV.

PostPosted: Thu Jul 9, '09, 9:53 pm 
I have to agree with Kaloes on that. I think some characters have good potential for pre-PSIV fan made fact, I'm sure some have been made already.

PostPosted: Thu Nov 8, '18, 3:58 am 
Bumping up this former Image Of The Day!

Several different looks at Alys. Some nice hair-dos there that really give her a different look than what we are normally used to seeing.

Is that really a one glove look in the middle or is that just some type of bracelet or arm band or something?

PostPosted: Thu Nov 8, '18, 12:14 pm 
Great looks for Layla/Alys ! :) I'm quasi certain that it's a sort of bracelet this time ! :)

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