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Captured Demi

Captured Demi

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 4, '11, 12:01 am 
This is a large and very detailed version of the storyboard sketch of Demi's confinement at the top of Zio's tower in Phantasy Star IV. In some ways, it is more detailed than the same scene's appearance in the game. Demi's pose is mostly unchanged, but the placement of the vines (or whatever that stuff might be) is much more elaborate here. The addition of two eye-like orbs suggests that the vines might be a sentient creature of some kind. Which version of this scene do you prefer?

PostPosted: Fri Nov 4, '11, 4:37 pm 
I think this version would look wicked creepy if it was colored. I love the detail.

PostPosted: Wed Nov 9, '11, 6:34 pm 
I agree with Caged Wolf regarding the pic being colored. Black and white is good but it just doesn't do it for me. The eye orbs are a nice touch.

PostPosted: Fri Nov 11, '11, 7:58 pm 
This picture is too epics in the games! And its great to see this one in black and white. Thats still epic ^^

PostPosted: Sat Jun 3, '17, 5:09 pm 
It's epic and the "eyes" are great ! :)

PostPosted: Mon Jun 5, '17, 12:56 am 
Creepy, but again, it would probably look awesome in color!

PostPosted: Mon Jun 5, '17, 6:20 am 
This looks like it's a storyboard for a cutscene.

I do know that PSIV was originally supposed to be a Sega CD game, but was then moved to the Genesis cartridge format we all know and love. I think this and the previous storyboard picture were leftovers from the Sega CD planning.

PostPosted: Mon Jun 5, '17, 3:32 pm 
If it was to be put on the Mega CD : maybe I would have never been able to try or play it ! As I've never played on Mega CD (but try some of the games via an emulator to be honnest ! ;) ).

PostPosted: Thu Dec 8, '22, 3:24 pm 
Demi in trouble!

PostPosted: Fri Dec 9, '22, 12:53 pm 
Demi in trouble but what a nice drawing !! :fiery:

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