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Do you want a darker storyline?
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No 32%  32%  [ 6 ]
Maybe 21%  21%  [ 4 ]
Total votes : 19
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 Post subject: Re: Phantasy Star: BaNL
PostPosted: Sun Oct 3, '10, 8:28 pm 
You know I'm all in for Kyra. Though I must admit myself, her greatest relationship in PSIV was with Chaz so I don't know what you might come up with for her.

 Post subject: Re: Phantasy Star: BaNL
PostPosted: Sun Oct 3, '10, 11:34 pm 
I would still love to see a Dezolian representative in the game even if it's not Raja :)

 Post subject: Re: Phantasy Star: BaNL
PostPosted: Mon Oct 4, '10, 4:47 pm 
Nah, I think I'll leave out Kyra as well. I've looked at the storyline and I don't think there's any need for her either. To be quite honest, her 'Lutz fan-girlism' was pretty annoying to me... It doesn't really have any place in a serious storyline. Sorry to disappoint all the Rika and Kyra fan boys here, but they really don't have any place here.

Just so you guys know a bit about me, I myself am quite serious and intense and times, but sometimes my fuse tends to blow ( a common trait in most left-handed people ) and I tend to take things far too personally and I can hold a grudge at times. Just so you know.

The new storyline tends to reflect my personality a bit as well. There are some humourous moments ( between Alys and Hahn, no less ) but most of the game is quite intense, dark and brooding. Much like myself as times.

Ah, another thing. Updated the very first post.

 Post subject: Re: Phantasy Star: BaNL
PostPosted: Mon Oct 4, '10, 6:58 pm 
Lyla2284 wrote:He is also helping me flesh out some details of the game: for example, fleshing out Gryz so he isn't seen as, in Aero's words, a shallow Motavian out for revenge. His personality was at best, bland in PS4, at worst, downright boring, so we are trying to inject some life into this Motavian. It's proving a wee bit hard, though.

May I make a suggestion? Consider adding some more Motavian towns or villages to the game. Having only one location for the native inhabitants of the planet severely limited Gryz's potential. It made him a stranger with no connections to anything other than Zio. If there were more of his people around, perhaps he could have some character development through interactions with them. It could add a lot of potential for side quests, too.

 Post subject: Re: Phantasy Star: BaNL
PostPosted: Mon Oct 4, '10, 7:53 pm 
Yeah maybe see a real Motavian centre of culture even our ancient nomads had a place to return to a great city where they would trade and share tales of their travels. Tent towns makes it look more like a native relocation program :p

If built right this game could lay the foundation to some serious creative works :)

I would point to some great pen and paper settings for RPGs that started out with a few good locations and soon fleshed out by fellow writers and fans into full blown worlds.

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 Post subject: Re: Phantasy Star: BaNL
PostPosted: Mon Oct 4, '10, 8:01 pm 
Yeah, that's a good idea: a big Motavian city to serve as the center of their civilization. It's hard to believe that the natives of the planet, after two thousand years of interacting with Palmans, would be so few in number and would have completely avoided adopting any Palman technology or cultural influences. Even if it's just the ruins of old Paseo, the Motavians should not be nearly extinct on their own planet.

 Post subject: Re: Phantasy Star: BaNL
PostPosted: Mon Oct 4, '10, 8:07 pm 
I always did think it was strange how after PSI there were virtually zero natives on the planet I was starting to think Alis and Co. had wiped them out I call Genocide!!! :rofl:

 Post subject: Re: Phantasy Star: BaNL
PostPosted: Tue Oct 5, '10, 4:16 pm 
Hmm. Those are some good ideas there, Thoul and von. I always wondered why there were so little Motavians in PS4 as compared to PS2, where you could still find them in the towns on Mota. Yet in EoTM, you only find them in one village... on the entire damn planet. Ethnic cleansing perhaps? Just kidding. =p

I'm thinking of adding a new Motavian village named Noror ( Roron back to front, and most definitely not a garbage dump. ) on the isle of Valhalla. I'm still developing the storyline as I go along and I just tend to write out the game dialogue as I event/program the game. One thing is for sure so far. This game is guaranteed, 200% better than EoTM. It was a flawed gem over-rated by fans, and although high on the fun factor, it is bland everywhere else. I'm using both PS2 and EoTA lore in it. I noticed EoTM barely gave any reference to PS2... It was, as someone on this site put it, a nostalgic trip by bringing all the previous 3 PSs together, or something like that. And I agree completely.

 Post subject: Re: Phantasy Star: BaNL
PostPosted: Tue Oct 19, '10, 8:44 pm 
Hi all,

Due to various circumstances that developed over a period of several weeks, Lyla2284 is no longer going to be with us. Before her departure, Lyla2284 expressed a desire to have no one seek her out and ask for a return. Since she will no longer be present to receive feedback or discuss any further development of this project, I have locked the development related topics. I have also removed the Beneath a New Light subforum, as it was unnecessary in light of these developments and distracted from other fan game projects.

This is an unfortunate and regrettable situation, but the reality is people flow to and from online communities for many reasons. Some times those reasons are innocent or unrelated to the community itself. In more sorrowful cases, departures are due to a demonstrated inability or unwillingness to respect others or the space provided for participation. I will not comment on the reasons for anyone's departure, per site policy. I will only say that I harbor no ill will toward anyone for leaving and wish all such persons, including Lyla2284, well in their future endeavors, even if we do not share in those endeavors.

The Fringes of Algo community will continue on in the face of change, regardless of the causal factors of that change. This site expanded into a community when there were no other actively growing English-based sites dedicated to classic Phantasy Star. I did not let the regrettable status of other fan sites that were dead or stale after years of no updates stop me from launching this community, so you can rest assured that we will keep growing and developing regardless of what happens elsewhere. We will also look forward to and encourage other creative projects by our members.

Since relaunching as a community three and a half years ago, we have been blessed with a great group of diverse fans who are considerate, friendly, and welcoming toward others. You have enriched our lives and the lives of each other. Even though we all have differences at times, I am thankful for all of you. Together, let us continue looking and working toward a bright future with the hope of eventual peace and unity among all Phantasy Star fans.

Thank you,
Fringes of Algo Administrator

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